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  1. PSN - ianf90278, add me if you want to, pretty much on mgs and madden 16' atmĀ 

  2. Smart phone game, does anyone here play it?
  3. Is The Rocky Horror Picture Show any good?

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    2. Rob


      It's awesome. Also Fankenfurter is Tim Curry. (The Clown From It) it is also his mouth singing the intro. nice teeth. I might know a little too much about this movie. I had a very strange childhood.

    3. gtagrl


      Watch it once, it's a must-see cult classic. Then for a whole other experience, go see it in the cinema on Halloween. Bring dry toast and a roll of toilet paper.

    4. DiO


      try toast? the fuck lol

  4. Tonight's the last for ' The Late Late show with Craig Ferguson'. I'm gonna miss it :(

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    2. GunSmith


      Yeah, no way he can do what Letterman did. That old bastard was a one-of-a-kind artist, same with Ferguson.

    3. GunSmith


      (Sorry, I get emotionally invested in my late-night comedy)

    4. TreeFitty


      I could never watch anything Ferguson did. His accent was too annoying to me.

  5. Yeah should look at the mess people did at ifallout

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    2. Qdeathstar
    3. Qdeathstar


      I'm amazed yall still visit the site, on the flip aide if spammers are hacking it it must be getting some traction on Google.

      might be time for a reboots

    4. GunSmith


      Yeah, reboot. Right after the FML.

  6. Went to Hollywood today Hollywood museum @ Max Factor Building: Capitol Records Building: Kifflom: Ferguson protesters: The rest: I'm obsessed with Frank. Don't judge me... Jimmy Kimmel Live
  7. Oregon and Alaska voters approved legalization of Marijuana, hope Cali is next
  8. Every rapper is unique in there own way even lil Wayne and Paul wall. Everyone has different taste.
  9. Well, if you're interested in setting up a chat room and have a smart phone , you can download the app "line". It's all free
  10. SF Giants won, time for me to commit seppuku

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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i really hoped the royals would win, but you can't compete against a legacy like that, bumgarner was unstoppable the entire series, and in his world series career, there's no way he wasn't going to finish that game...

      bummed for KC tho, i know a few people who are die hard fans...

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      at least it was an amazing series, KC fought all the way to the bitter end...

    4. Grove


      Yea, very true