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  1. Smart phone game, does anyone here play it?
  2. Went to Hollywood today Hollywood museum @ Max Factor Building: Capitol Records Building: Kifflom: Ferguson protesters: The rest: I'm obsessed with Frank. Don't judge me... Jimmy Kimmel Live
  3. Oregon and Alaska voters approved legalization of Marijuana, hope Cali is next
  4. Every rapper is unique in there own way even lil Wayne and Paul wall. Everyone has different taste.
  5. Well, if you're interested in setting up a chat room and have a smart phone , you can download the app "line". It's all free
  6. Pics from my Palms Springs trip a couple weeks ago. on the road: Dean Martins Pad (Palm Springs) Frank Sinatras House 'Twin Palms' (Palm Springs) Franks Grave @ Desert Memorial (Palm Desert) Shermans Deli (Palm Springs hotspot) Roadrunner at the hotel