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  1. hmmm, I think I have a SeaShark...
  2. The spell has been broken... The completionist in me ruined my RPG experience. I joined the war, which I felt was out of character for old Bilibob, but I just HAD to complete everything I could. Now, I can't be bothered carrying on, just a couple of missions into the Civil War section. But I will... because the Completionist owns my soul now and it will not find rest until I have completed... Any word on Elder Scrolls 6? Is it worth stepping back and playing Oblivion?
  3. Thrown myself into this series... just about finished the 3rd book of 10... at around 1,000 pages each, it is keeping me busy until the library gets the latest Mark Lawrence books in.
  4. On the other side of the world, we've just had more rain yesterday than the past 2 months combined mixed with gale force winds... still, the temperature is 60-70F, so not too bad as long as that tree doesn't fall on my house...
  5. Haha Viceman, I believe I said I was considering going to Solstheim but I got distracted on the way by a cave, which led to ruins, which led to me to forget where I was originally going... I think I have wound up my Solstheim adventure now, so, do I join a side in the civil war OR carry on with my main quest? I wonder if there are any advantages either way... I believe I have to break into the Thalmor Embassy next and I love killing me some Thalmors... perhaps I have answered my own question.
  6. Hello, yes Viceman, it was another dimension and I have explored it and conquered it, well most of it... It was a strange world but with parallels to my life in Skyrim... for example, i was new in town and entering a time of civil war, I had special Shouts but they came from my arse and I battled all sorts of weird and wonderful life forms... South Park is a very small town, however, so I was able to see everything rather quickly... The special powers I had in South Park got me interested in my real powers so first thing I did when I got back was go and see the Greybeards... they taught me a few words to add to some of my shouts but I already had another 15 or so ready to blast so I didn't really learn too much... So after running around after those lazy fucks for a while, I got attacked by some cultists... bad move on their part. Found out some wanker on Solstheim is out to get me... I have total confidence in my abilities now so off I went to sort them out... Solstheim is a strange place, fiery and hot, with the volcano looming over it and when I got there most of the people were in some sort of trance, building temples... I am now in the process of exploring and killing and looting as normal... It seems Hermaeus Mora (is that you, Massacre?) is stirring again and his lackey Miraak is behind my assassination attempt. But, of course, I find myself doing random shit for all sorts of lazy people - I know I should tell them to bugger off, but I like to be helpful and you never know what reward might come your way. For example, I have learnt how to craft using stalhrim, an enchanted ice as strong as ebony, because I helped the people of Skaal Village find their blacksmith. I have invested in a mine with a dark elf who is excavating it but he is starting to piss me off as he is very arrogant and keeps asking for more money... I think he will die when his usefulness to me has expired... his journals suggest he is a bit dodgy too... I hate the Thalmor! Every time there is something real shady going on, they are around. I can't wait to break into their embassy when I'm back in Skyrim and fucking them up. Hopefully, in the future, I will get a chance to wipe them off the face of the world - if not here, Morrowind, Cyrodiil or anywhere else would be fine... It's been over a year since I arrived in Skyrim and how time flies!!! Still a lot to do, maybe even sort this civil war thing out but I think a battle between Dragonborns is on the cards... Hey Mirakk, come at me, brah!! I am sure he is a fire mage and I am going to be using stalhrim armour and weaponry, enchanted with frost. The battle will be so epic, the bards will be singing a Song of Ice and Fire for years to come... actually, I know a scribe called George, maybe he can help write my story... Until next time, fuck ast and watch out for dragons...
  7. I have been having trouble accessing my portal... a fat kid dressed up like a bandit, calling himself the Coon, keeps blocking it... he keeps saying I need to respect his authoriteh so I will post some more adventures once I sort this kid out...
  8. Whew, a lot has happened and I haven't had a chance to let you know what old Bilibob's been up to... Recovered my penis and got married.... Met a vampire lover. Took said lover to Lakeview where I caught my wife, Lydia, in bed with my female housecarl, Rayya. Boom, orgy time!! Took some skooma and jumped in the sack for some lovers comfort... My vampire lover asks me to kill her dad so I do... now she wants nothing to do with me... what a bitch!! I've been both a vampire and a werewolf but didn't stay that way because I value my humanity too much... Made the switch from light armour and one handed weapons to heavy armour and two handed weapons. Kitted out in all ebony with the mask of Rahgot. The black suit is really brought to life by the metallic green shine of the mask.... listen to me! I sound like those girls at Radiant Raiment!!! I need to work out how you get those pictures of yourselves on here... I have heard of a magic stick, the Useful Sketchers Bough (USB), that can do it but I don't know if this is a real thing... I've bought every property I can find so far but I lose track of where they are... Lakeview is still my base but I am sure I have another block of land in Hjaalmarch and houses in Solitude and Windhelm... Found an ancient forge with a sexy ghost chick... made an aetherium crown that can give me 2 standing stone charms but I don't want to give up my masks... I must remember to tell that kid in Windhelm that I killed the meanie at the orphanage... Spent a ridiculous amount of time in the Forgotten Vale looking for ancient Flamer tomes and gem paragons, which was fun because I like killing falmer... So much else that I can't remember, especially that night with Sam... Now that I have sorted all the small, random quests, it's now time to either: a) go see the greybeards, b ) see what this civil war is all about or c) join the Thieves guild Any recommendations?? Is there any other fun a happy-go-lucky Breton can get up to round Skyrim?? I had a dream I was in a futuristic world where the crossbows shot like cannons and the armour was powered with some type of Dwemer technology, but the best part was that you could create all sorts of wonderful things using seemingly useless items like tankards and embalming tools.... so awesome!! Anyway, thanks for your time. If I remember anything exciting, I'll let you know. Until next time, fuck Ast.
  9. The Queen of Light

    took her bow

    and then she turned to go

    The Prince of Beasts 

    embraced the gloom 

    and walked the night alone

    1. JustAn808


      Give us an update on Billibob!

  10. Wedding's postponed... my flames started up mid-wank and I just about burnt my cock off... off to see Collette - hopefully she can restore penises... Fuck ast
  11. Hey, I'm back... remember me, Bilibob the Breton... Taking a break from marauding. Bought some land and built a house over in Lakeview - I had most of the resources, just had to get some timber, which I'm getting free from Hod, as long as I cut it myself. Nice house but now I can't be bothered moving all my cool stuff over from Breezehome. I was just about finished the renovations when I remembered the talking dog I found and well, what do you know? Two months later, he was still in the same place. Got a cool little mask out of that one... Talking of masks, I constantly wear the Krosis mask with mostly glass armour - look like a straight up bad ass. Ebony weapons all the way, my bow enchanted with a soul catcher and my sword and axe with fire. Barely even sneak now, just stroll up and smack 'em over the head. I finally made it to Riften and have been doing jobs for and getting precious jewels for some residents who pay for them with a crappy potion I could have made myself... mostly fucking Argonians, of course. They're a pack of niggards!! Things were looking quite grim for me and Lydia for a while... I kept hitting her with fire spells and she got pissed at me... I gave her a staff of fireballs as an apology, which she used to bombard me with when fighting... she keeps giving me up when sneaking up on baddies... There was tension. I went to join the Companions and she got uppity about them testing my combat ability which turned into a war against them. I might go back without her and see if they forgive me. But, build a new house and take a quick trip to Riften and she's all of a sudden lovey dovey, wanting to know if I'm interested in her. I think I'll marry her, set her up in Lakeview Manor and then go and explore the seedy sides of Riften... the are rumours of someone who can change your face and I have to check out some apparent bitch who runs the orphanage. Then, I'll join the Thieves Guild and the Dark Brotherhood and go dark. Hopefully, by the time I get back to Lakeview, Lydia and Rayya are very close friends who don't mind sharing, if you know what I mean... Until next time, fuck ast...
  12. I think Jaime will ultimately kill Cersei and Tyrion is Aerys son, not Tywin's... based on what I have read. I don't watch the series so don't know what is happening there...
  13. Hey, I found it again... I got lost in other areas of this portal searching for pictures of the mythical Four-Eyes, the bearded lady with exceptional bosoms... Before I continue, I had better introduce myself. My name is Bilibob Anfield and I am a happy-go-lucky Breton making his way in this mixed-up, crazy world. My mother was a cook (I think - I never actually saw her cook anything?!?!) for the Imperial Army so we have moved around a lot with whichever troop she assigned to. I never knew my father (neither did Mum) but I had a lot of uncles... I'm pretty good at magic but prefer playing with my bow... I was on a drunken weekend with some mates and found myself being arrested at the border which is where my adventures in Skyrim began... Now, apparently, I am some sort of Dragonborn or something... I am supposed to go see the Greybeards to get some more information but fuck that... I have a feeling they will try to make some sort of hero out of me or something and all I want to do is drink, kill and fuck... On that last one, still no further with Lydia... we were in Broken Oar Grotto, sorting out that lying cunt of an argonian Jaree-Ra. After everyone was dead, we started looting the cave and she misunderstood one of my instructions. I went back to Whiterun to drop off the loot and then headed out to Windhelm to sort something out about a Mysterious Amulet before I realised Lydia wasn't with me... I started to worry she was dead so I retraced my steps for confirmation and she was still right in the depths of the Grotto, standing there, looking really pissed off... then, as we left the cave, we were attacked by some hired thugs... so I might be back at square one with her... Don't know who hired the thugs... I searched them for a contract or note but didn't find anything... nice to know someone cares, though. Had a cool trek to Meridia's Shrine on Kilkreath, where I got rid of the wizard Malkoran for her... I thought he was going to be a tough fight but nothing can withstand my Glass Soulcatcher for too long... that's my bow, by the way... Meridia gave me 2 swords called Dawnbreaker so I've stashed one away and have started using the other... I like the shiny gem in the handle of it and the extra fire damage that it does... Apologies to Viceman, your picture made me think you were argonian but it sounds like you are a vampire... I haven't met a friendly vampire until you. Massacre, I can not wait to meet you... I focus mainly on destructive magic but it sounds like we could have some necro-fun... hmmm, maybe necromancy could be the answer to my blue balls!!! Can I ask your advice? There is a civil war going on but I have no idea why... Are the Nords just haters or is the Imperial Army to blame? Why would the Stormcloaks want a Breton fighting for them if they hate us... Any useful information would be appreciated as I can't get an unbiased opinion round these parts... Right, I'm off to shed my armor and put on my sexiest medallion to impress Lydia... wish me luck Until next time, fuck Ast and happy travels...
  14. Mmmm Melbourne is only a couple of hours and a couple of hundred dollars away... Need any help uuhh, looking after your stash?
  15. Hahaha now I've found a room with a glowing tablet and a tray of runes... when you push the runes, they make words on the glowing tablet... the portal I find myself in has the diaries and musings of a number of other travellers... by using a combination of runes and a light stone that glows out the bottom, i can communicate with these travellers... hello to my fellow travellers Massacre, Viceman (who seems friendly for an argonian - fuck argonians), Capn Bones and all the others I haven't really read about yet... Just back in Whiterun, dropping my loot and replenishing stocks. Lydia is with me still and I am starting to fall for her... She is so strong, basically carried 2 tonnes of dwemer metal back from Mzult on her own and she can fight like a killer. Half the time, I can barely get my mace out before she's massacred a whole bandit gang. But most importantly, she doesn't talk much... silent and beautiful mmmmm.... I must be love - I have so much to tell you guys about but she is the first thing that enters my head... I'm building up a good stock of supplies and I am getting very selective about what I scavenge... Lydia (see, there she is again) is a big help, especially carrying those big weapons for me... I collect souls for fun. It is such a great feeling to take the lifeblood of another living being and store it away for your own abuse. The Black Star is such a wonderful thing... Was just up in Solitude and met an argonian and his sister, who I helped out - I mean, it was a bit dodgy what I did and I should have expected the double cross but they now wish they hadn't fucked with me now hahaha Lizard stew anyone?? Fuck argonians.... The College of Winterhold was an awesome experience... so much fun and I can't believe I am now.......... what the fuck was that? Oh for fucks sake, I am getting sick of dragons... gotta go - the Thane of Whiterun needs to help his people (and suck up another dragon soul - addictive shit that!!) Hopefully I find this portal again...