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  1. Got bored with RDR so checked out Fallout 3 again and got addicted again... I have enough cash on my Xbox account to get one more DLC for FO3 - the choices are Operation Anchorage or Mothership Zeta - which one did you guys prefer? Which one adds more to the main game? Probably favouring Anchorage at this stage...
  2. I feel like I am ready for a new Bethesda open world...

    1. Bronson


      Probably get an announcement this E3. Don’t expect Fallout or Elder Scrolls though... they say they have a new IP in the works.

    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      starfield is the rumor, a "fallout in space" type of game...

  3. You remind me of Dijkstra from The Witcher 3....
  4. Instead of getting a whole bunch of sycophants in to watch the game in action, why don't they just release a 45 minute video showing us what they (the press) saw and let us make up our own minds? I hope it lives up to the hype.
  5. In the absence of a shit list... almost sounds legit... Summary below Online will feature battle royale (a la Fortnite), Revive and Survive (deathmatch where you can revive teammates) and Money Grab (capture) Online - Frequent rewards will be handed out to players for completing certain tasks. These might range from traveling a certain distance to murdering an enemy using a bow from 100 metres away. Online - Apartments from GTA Online will return in the form of tents which can be owned and upgraded by players. Online - Free Events can also be organised outside of standard playlists like spontaneous treasure hunts and deathmatches. Online - You will allegedly be able to partake in a variety of activities across the world of RDR2 such as gold-mining, fishing, herding and an assortment of weapon challenges. Online - Vehicles in the game will include minecarts, handcarts and horse-drawn carriages. These come in different variants such as armoured and fast ones Solo - Horsemanship challenges can be completed to increase your rider rank while dozens of different fish can be captured across the world. Solo - Plants and herbs can be gathered for crafting purposes, with the document listing types including Clamshell, Ghost, Night Scented, Rat Tail and Spider Orchids. Solo - You’ve also got fishing, which seems to be in-depth with a selection of baits and tackles available for purchase. You can even buy a can of worms Solo - First person is available and Dead Eye makes a return with enhanced abilities including tracking bounties through fields and detecting which fish and animals are available nearby.
  6. DiO, be sure to check out Far Cry Arcade that comes with the game... you can create your own maps and missions, for either PvE or PvP, using not only assets from Far Cry 5, but from the previous editions and other Ubisoft properties like Assassins Creed and Watch Dogs... looks awesome for someone with a bit of creative talent. See the info video below... Other reasons for getting this for me are: Single player co-op mode - you can play the whole game in co-op Large map with a large number of weapons, allies, animals for hire and vehicles The setting and killing rednecks Fast travel lets you skydive to the point where you want to end up, rather than a set place, usually occupied by a shit-ton of enemies Mad-ass DLC that has little relation to the original game - there will be 3 apparently, a Vietnam war story, battling invaders from Mars and of course, zombies..., No more climbing towers - this has been replaced with meeting people at certain locations who give you information. I can't wait...
  7. I've never really got into AC (except Black Flag) but this one has me intrigued - sounds a lot more in-depth than previous editions and I don't mind a grind... might be a cheap pick-up after Far Cry 5
  8. Replaying RDR at the moment. Still a great game and the glitches are as much fun as the actual gameplay. As stated in another topic, it's like playing a whole new game I am also, disturbingly, imagining a growing list of possible microtransactions for their online model...
  9. The one big advantage of being a stoner and a part-time gamer is that you can replay a game 4 or 5 years later and it's like a whole new game... Also, managed to get hold of some legal vape cartridges from California (friend of a friend of a friend) - these are now the sole reason I want weed legalised in NZ.
  10. hmmm, I think I have a SeaShark...
  11. The spell has been broken... The completionist in me ruined my RPG experience. I joined the war, which I felt was out of character for old Bilibob, but I just HAD to complete everything I could. Now, I can't be bothered carrying on, just a couple of missions into the Civil War section. But I will... because the Completionist owns my soul now and it will not find rest until I have completed... Any word on Elder Scrolls 6? Is it worth stepping back and playing Oblivion?
  12. Thrown myself into this series... just about finished the 3rd book of 10... at around 1,000 pages each, it is keeping me busy until the library gets the latest Mark Lawrence books in.
  13. On the other side of the world, we've just had more rain yesterday than the past 2 months combined mixed with gale force winds... still, the temperature is 60-70F, so not too bad as long as that tree doesn't fall on my house...
  14. Haha Viceman, I believe I said I was considering going to Solstheim but I got distracted on the way by a cave, which led to ruins, which led to me to forget where I was originally going... I think I have wound up my Solstheim adventure now, so, do I join a side in the civil war OR carry on with my main quest? I wonder if there are any advantages either way... I believe I have to break into the Thalmor Embassy next and I love killing me some Thalmors... perhaps I have answered my own question.
  15. Hello, yes Viceman, it was another dimension and I have explored it and conquered it, well most of it... It was a strange world but with parallels to my life in Skyrim... for example, i was new in town and entering a time of civil war, I had special Shouts but they came from my arse and I battled all sorts of weird and wonderful life forms... South Park is a very small town, however, so I was able to see everything rather quickly... The special powers I had in South Park got me interested in my real powers so first thing I did when I got back was go and see the Greybeards... they taught me a few words to add to some of my shouts but I already had another 15 or so ready to blast so I didn't really learn too much... So after running around after those lazy fucks for a while, I got attacked by some cultists... bad move on their part. Found out some wanker on Solstheim is out to get me... I have total confidence in my abilities now so off I went to sort them out... Solstheim is a strange place, fiery and hot, with the volcano looming over it and when I got there most of the people were in some sort of trance, building temples... I am now in the process of exploring and killing and looting as normal... It seems Hermaeus Mora (is that you, Massacre?) is stirring again and his lackey Miraak is behind my assassination attempt. But, of course, I find myself doing random shit for all sorts of lazy people - I know I should tell them to bugger off, but I like to be helpful and you never know what reward might come your way. For example, I have learnt how to craft using stalhrim, an enchanted ice as strong as ebony, because I helped the people of Skaal Village find their blacksmith. I have invested in a mine with a dark elf who is excavating it but he is starting to piss me off as he is very arrogant and keeps asking for more money... I think he will die when his usefulness to me has expired... his journals suggest he is a bit dodgy too... I hate the Thalmor! Every time there is something real shady going on, they are around. I can't wait to break into their embassy when I'm back in Skyrim and fucking them up. Hopefully, in the future, I will get a chance to wipe them off the face of the world - if not here, Morrowind, Cyrodiil or anywhere else would be fine... It's been over a year since I arrived in Skyrim and how time flies!!! Still a lot to do, maybe even sort this civil war thing out but I think a battle between Dragonborns is on the cards... Hey Mirakk, come at me, brah!! I am sure he is a fire mage and I am going to be using stalhrim armour and weaponry, enchanted with frost. The battle will be so epic, the bards will be singing a Song of Ice and Fire for years to come... actually, I know a scribe called George, maybe he can help write my story... Until next time, fuck ast and watch out for dragons...