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Resurrecting an artform.


*feels late to the party*

damn, i even missed the chick with the boobs :(...

Who, this one?


Damn I need a bloody good shave!

I like a girl with a bit of hair. o natural type



wtf, you dont got my viking emoticon here? fail

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Go deko style and take a pic of ur actual shit.....then penis.

Is deko around here yet?

I would but my digital camera is very poor.

I cant zoom out enough to get my whole shit in the picture and i cant zoom

in enough to get a decent penis shot.

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Guest Marney1

Had to put my phone up to the webcam because I can't get my phone to pair with my laptop.

Anyway, this is from a party at my mates flat the other day after being out watching Liverpool beat Manchester City 3 - 0. Can't remember a thing, not even getting home. :mellow:

Didn't smoke anything from it, or whatever you do with one of those - I'm certain of that much.

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