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  1. *feels late to the party* damn, i even missed the chick with the boobs ... Who, this one? Damn I need a bloody good shave!
  2. Sounds pretty uncomfortable, might as well secure it by stapling it as well, nail gun might work too!!
  3. *checks back door is locked* (If you get my meaning. ) : he'll find a way in!!
  4. Demon......Why would you think i was a male? ... Clearly my avatar picture doesn't look like i have cock and balls and i don't know what guy would have Crimson BUTTERFLY as their username. But thanks for the compliment.... The photo is really me. Oh and...Yeah my parents were out, thankfully i locked all my doors and windows and put the security alarm on... just in case
  5. I'd smash that! Too bad you went out drinking from 2pm and got smashed off your tits and left me home alone...
  6. I didnt quite walk into the forums thinking i was the queen.... i signed in.....
  7. You're not gonna bombard us with messages urging us to donate to poor honkys like Psy's other test dummy, are you? I'm far from a test dummy and no i'm not going to be asking for donations for anything. Even if i did you'd probably have no money to give... Oh noez i didn't..... >_>
  8. QD... Psys picture is tres hot in his leather jacket but its nothing compared to seeing him leathered up in real life..... And i know how you feel wanting to get into his pants, unfortunately.... that'll never happen for you
  9. Heyur! I'm Lucy and i'm a Qualified Mental Dental Nurse in Newcastle, UK. I'm Psys Girlfriend and i registered to test some shizznay out for him... out of my own free will of course.. Oh and i don't like how it says im NOBODY SPECIAL?!?!? GET IT SORTED!