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  1. Yeah, itworks right now mine wont play as i downloaded it and now its being a doucher and thinking its a disc haha
  2. If they had the option to turn it off or on i would be glad to use it haha But if i was in a mission and hit somebody at 35 and failed the mission iwould be one pissed off mofo haha but yes the option would be nice to have
  3. Everything in SA and a full destructive feature, Skate ramps,car customizing,Track racing and character customizing
  4. It would be cool if they made a area 51 DLC where you have a few mission to do for area 51 but everything is really shady, that'd be sweet
  5. L.A. Noire is by far one of the greatest cop games ever
  6. I think Packie will be the main character because at the end of gay tony he was going to an airport carrying his bags
  7. Oh, that sums it up haha And it looks amazing...