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  1. The hospital bills are ridiculous the bad sport system is seriously flawed, and npc bounties are annoying Those are basically my only complaints. honestly the hospital bills need to be either completely removed, or reduced somewhere under $500. The bad sport system needs to be removed entirely(it is a good concept, but horribly implemented). Why is it that i am a bad sport for blowing up someone (and their car) who has been spawnkilling over and over, or if i get kicked from a game because i am not in the same crew as the other players. I get that R* is trying to stop griefing and all that, but in a game like GTA that is impossible. and why is it that i get bounties from npc's whose cars i have stolen? even if i kill them, i still get a bounty.</p>
  2. most likely other past gta characters for the character creation system for the people who didnt get the CE.
  3. he might return as DLC for one of the parent options for GTA Online. that would be pretty dope.
  4. does anyone know how to detonate c4? i found a safe inside a liqour store that i wanna get into
  5. the guy who has been leaking all of the gameplay has them all on his instagram, i'll pm you the link to his page.
  6. you don't gotta worry about that. i just saw a couple of gameplay vids from people who've gotten early copies, and trust me... the game looks amazing. the cars have way better handling, the physics look realistic, you will love it.
  7. if you are interested there is also a video on youtube showing that map with the zoom in effect and comparing it to liberty city (its the same video i posted above)
  8. I know I haven't heard anything about that, but somebody else might be able to clarify on that. But I was under the impression that most, if not all, of the car mods were just cosmetic and weren't going to have much impact on functionality -- but I could be wrong. No, we know for a fact that we can do things to alter the cars performance. We have not really heard about armor, but we do know that we can reenforce the frame and add roll bars. here you go. i just found this floating around on reddit. not sure where it's from so take it with a grain of salt
  9. Honestly the best expansion they could do would just to have the next GTA set in San Fierro and surrounding cities, and just connect that to the north of the Los Santos map, and then move east to Las Venturas later, and then vice city or a Chicago type new city etc..., but with each new installment just add on to the total map (rockstar did say they would like to do the world one day) so by the next couple of GTA's just have one big map consisting of LS, SF, LV, VC... maybe i'm just planning too far ahead, but it would be a good way to start. and im sure that next gen/future gens can handle it.
  10. just to give a perception on the size of gta 5 map vs 4. (does contain a map spoiler)
  11. TL:DR - Customization includes choosing mom, dad, and grandparents - You can choose your characters lifestyle which affects your skills - You can choose gestures (like flipping dual birds) - You can take selfies - During robberies clerks may be armed - When accepting an invite you are seamlessly warped there (in this case the starting line of a race) with no lobby wait - Can choose specific roles in missions (sniper, lookout, crew leader, transporter, etc…) - During missions teams have a set amount of lives - Passive mode deactivated if you shoot - You can place bounties - When at your apartment you can do many activities such as having friends over, calling strippers, getting drunk,etc - If other players in game are in a police chase you can watch it on weasel news, or even see it from your window - You have to unlock content creator - Created content can be ranked
  12. a store clerk having a stack of hundreds in the cash register? does said clerk work at a dispensary or something?
  13. one thing i really want to be in gta 5 is more ped/vehicle spawn count at one time, because at times when playing gta 4 LC felt dead because barely anyone was walking around, there were like 5 cars at any given time and even times square was barren at times. i want to be able to see scenes like this: , and this: in an LA setting of course, but you get my point.
  14. I agree. Large amounts of money should be hard to make without investments. And all the best properties/ safehouses/ businesses/ weapons/ cars/ boats and planes should be exorbitantly expensive, [...] Will it be possible? Any sources?
  15. You know what is more freakin' then RDR ghost house? MY MOM !!! the first thing that popped in my head when you said that. lol