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  1. Fuck, makes my archery skills look shit... which they are. Has anybody done the Forbidden legend quest? That was probably the hardest battle i've done in the whole game, you get an awesome reward for it though!
  2. I've got so much loot that I need to sell, the damn merchants just don't have enough money! I literally have 100 enchanted daggers, that's 20,000 worth of coin just lying there and I refuse to invest any perks in speech, I like to keep them all for smithing/enchanting or combat. I also started off trying to improve my alchemy, but I just gave up in the end. I always collect ingredients though, so that I can increase the skill later on.
  3. Maybe they'll make a comeback. I'm quite curious as to where they'll do the next Elder Scrolls actually. Have they not done all of the major areas in Tamriel? Maybe they will go to another continent!
  4. Indy

    Call Of Duty 4

    Dear god I hope not, that would be a waste of money!
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    I wouldn't get one, just don't see the purpose of it. A lot of people are starting to get piercings in weird places nowadays cuz tattoos are so common.
  6. It's possible to wear 4 items (chest, ring, necklace, head) that can each reduce magica use of a certain magic school by 25% (stacking the effect to 100%), thereby making spells in that school free to cast. This is probably very useful for mages (esp. destruction school). Although you'll have to have some grand soul gems, 100 enchanting and 5/5 Enchanter perk.
  7. RIP Sergio Scaglietti Ferrari 250 GT California. Fuckin' beautiful car.
  8. Pro tip: If you're into enchanting, make sure you do The Black Star quest (slight spoiler, but not really)
  9. Yeah that's also the problem with the smithing/enchanting training, although you do get better armour and weapons. That's why I try to balance my smithing/enchanting with my block/one-hand/heavy armour skills.
  10. Don't sell any enchanted items you find, disenchant them instead. The item will disappear but you gain the knowledge of the enchantment that you can use over and over again. If you have two of the same enchantments (e.g Magica regenerates 50% faster OR Magica regenerates 100% faster), it makes no difference as to which you disenchant, you gain the enchantment for Magica regenerates X% faster. So just sell the most valuable one and disenchant the other. I'm at the point now where I don't bother looting items unless they're very valuable/rare, I just go into dungeons to kill shit. Also, try and get some deadric artifacts, they kick ass and the associated quest lines are awesome too.
  11. So I discovered a new trick for making loads of money and increasing your smithing and enchanting skills. Buy/find as much iron ore, iron ingots, leather and leather strips as you can. Convert any iron ore to iron ingot and any leather to leather strips. Go to the furnace and make as many iron daggers as possible. Each one uses 1 iron ingot and 1 leather strip. This is good because all smithing gives the same amount of XP. So there is no difference in XP between making an iron dagger or ebony armour, so you might as well make the shittiest/cheapest stuff. Once you have loads of iron daggers, gather/buy filled soul gems, preferably shit ones like common and lesser etc. Go ahead and enchant all of your iron daggers, or as many as you can. Experiment with different enchantments to see which gives the most value to your dagger, I found that absorb health gave my iron dagger a value of around 600, which I could sell for 200. If you have about 30 daggers you can easily make 6000 coin, the cost of purchasing all the stock would only be a fraction of this.
  12. I don't want any information until a month before release. I can't physically or mentally control the anticipation a game like this will give me. I may implode if they sustain promotion for 9 months.
  13. In oblivion you would lose health from the sun, but otherwise I think it increased your speed and strength or something. Sounds a bit shit in skyrim. Werewolf gives you immunity to disease, only downside is you don't get the 10% XP increase from being well rested. And everyone tells you that you smell of wet dog.
  14. Woah, looks like you're fucked there. Do the effects of the vampire blood increase gradually over time (a la Oblivion) or is it just fully active from the instant you're infected?
  15. Invisibility spell/potion? Or you could try sneaking around at night. I'm a werewolf. Werewolf > Vampire (fuck twilight for gayin this shit up)
  16. Who did you follow in Helgen? I ran a couple of characters through Helgen just so I would be through the tutorial when I wanted to start a new character. My Redguard is Imperial, but for everyone else, I went Stormcloak. I just can't see any reason to join the Empire, they're a bunch of assholes. I think I ran toward the stormcloak to attack him and realised I had unintentionally taken sides in a civil war, and the wrong side at that. But I have the choice to join either side, I just think Ulfric is an asshole.
  17. A stormcloak... Being a Redguard I don't really know which side to take. At the moment i've remained pretty neutral, but the assholes in Windhelm are starting to make me hate the nords.
  18. I've found that orcish weapons aren't actually that strong, the armour is though. I think elven weapons are stronger, better yet, improved Skyforge steel.
  19. I'm such a pussy when it comes to fighting magic, feels like my armour doesn't do anything! I'm gonna have to enchant my armour and get that block perk.
  20. I'm probably going to stop pre-ordering, you can never trust the postal service in this country! Getting a game like this even a day late would be disastrous!
  21. I'm having withdrawal symptoms, not played it today. What level are you guys an what equipment you rockin'?