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  1. The knee my dear friend. We take the arrow to the knee.
  2. Did a misc quest last night that gave me a passive magic effect of +10% health from restoration spells. Look up Frostflow Lighthouse.
  3. You should get a graphics tablet.
  4. How do I get shares in this CCA company?! Anyway, if you want to stop this you're going to have to pay more taxes to fund the prisons. Of course there'll be less prisoners if you legalise weed, but then people who don't do drugs will also have to pay extra tax. Why would these people want to do that? Not everyone smokes weed. Alternatively, there could be a system where the government taxes the shit out of weed and uses that money for public funding instead. Although, this would technically make the government a drug cartel.
  5. You're probably just looking into it too much. Every single Los Santos reference in GTA does not instantly equate to GTAV. Although I would be surprised if an element of gang warfare didn't make a return.
  6. I can kill a giant in two hits, mammoths take a few more. But I don't like killing them too quickly (just agro them), i've noticed Giants seem to deal a lot of damage. So I just stand there and take the hits, keep drinking potions and using health spells, it's probably the quickest way to train heavy armour, light armour or block skills.
  8. I don't think this will be anywhere as good as the actual series though. I'm thinking something along the lines of The Simpsons games. Although, I hope to be pleasantly surprised.
  9. Possibly, depends how far they are into development though.
  10. You might be referring to the qualifier draws Dup, which were ages ago. I'm hoping England get Germany (i'm not sure if that can happen though), so we can make up for that humiliating defeat... or lose again.
  11. I suppose alcohol isn't really that bad because your liver deals with it and your liver can regenerate anyway. As long as you take breaks between drinking seasons. I'm don't really know much about the long-term effects weed has on your body so I can't comment there.
  12. I'm a vodka man personally, i've sampled loads but I keep coming back to good ol' red label smirnoff. Ciroc and grey goose are okay too, don't give you hangover the next day, but they're only for occasions. Jagerbombs are okay, they're not that strong though which is why I suppose they're quite cheap. Good to knock back though. As for jack, I don't really like sweet alcohol, particularly sweet whiskey. If you're gonna have whiskey it has to be Royal Salute on the rocks or something as good.
  13. Nope, I didn't have any before except a minor misc quest glitch where i'd completed it but it remained in the list. They seemed to have fixed that so it must've done a pretty extensive job with this update.
  14. It's fake, and a lame attempt at advertisement. Don't be such a retard next time, the game probably isn't even complete yet, use your brain.
  15. Indy


    I saw a guy with an England badge on his chest... (unfortunately he was going into emergency surgery because of a brain tumour) Which explains why I saw his bare chest, no homo.
  16. Indy


    I would get "Remember that you are but a man" tattooed on my ass... so I can't see it.
  17. It's all fucked and there's no way out of it. Just make sure you learn some skills which will be valued no matter how bad the economy is.
  18. Yeah I would prefer the Samsung, but that i5 CPU is just tickling my balls man
  19. Yeah i'm starting to edge toward the better CPU, i'm not sure how benchmarks work but 2791 vs 3346 seems like a big difference.
  20. My girlfriend wants a new laptop and she's looking to spend £400. She won't use it for much shit except the internet and microsoft office. I found the following: SAMSUNG Series 3 NP300E5A-A01DX 15.6" Laptop - Silver Intel Core i3-2330 (2.2Ghz, 3MB cache memory) 4GB RAM PACKARD BELL TS11HR039 15.6" Laptop - Black Intel Core™ i5-2410M (2.3Ghz, 3MB cache memory) 3GB RAM Now they're both the same price and almost identical specs except RAM and CPU. Here are the benchmarks for the two processors: (Samsung) Intel i3 = 2791 (PB) Intel i5 = 3346 Source The only other difference is an extra GB of RAM in the Samsung. Which one would you go for? One offers a better CPU but less RAM, whilst the other has a lesser CPU but more RAM. Will the 1GB RAM make much difference? I don't really want to add any RAM for her either, i'm lazy like that. OR, do you have any alternatives that you would suggest?
  21. Indy

    I need help...

    Personally, I think you've not installed your video card driver. But i'm not really that great with this kinda stuff, just make sure your running the latest versions of all your drivers.
  22. The difference in load times might be a deal breaker.
  23. It will probably be late 2012 or early 2013, with the way Take2 CEO has predicted the 2012 fiscal year. I'm thinking they might hit us with a classic October release date.