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  1. I don't like stealth archery. I'm a heavy armoured archer. As much as I love this game, I have to draw on some negatives*. For an RPG there is close to no element of strategy. I've found that ALL classes are viable for ANY situation. Tanks, priests, rogue, mage etc. It doesn't seem to matter, at level 51 I can pretty much be anything I want. All I need to do is enchant armour the proper way. I also feel that the weapons/armour system is too simple. I was hoping for a slightly expanded tier system to what there currently is. Also, better unique items to find and buy. It would also be good if stuff was more expensive (terrible complaint I know, but it's true)! Potions are redundant. Followers are redundant. Money is redundant. I think that the balance between casual and hardcore has tipped slightly in favour of the former. Maybe it's just because i've been thinking of Diablo 3 a little too much recently, but I feel that this is more of an experience than a fun challenge, which is something I tend to look forward to. Regardless, I love this game and i'll continue to play it for at least another 100 hours or so. There is so much content it's unbelievable. I just think it's too easy to become overpowered. *don't kill me
  2. I've played the first two, I still need to play brotherhood and revelations. It's on my games list but I haven't gotten around to it yet! The second was probably one of the best sequels i've ever played, the amount of improvement made in that game was amazing, it's as if they listened to the gamers!
  3. Indy


    I bought the game of the year edition and spent so much time in the game doing other stuff I ended up not even playing some of the DLCs! I think I still have Mothership Zeta and Point Lookout to complete. I wonder if I will ever get back to them... (i'm not even sure if I completed Broken Steel lol)
  4. I've made quite good use of it. If there is a guard (during the thieves guild quest line) in the way, I just throw my voice and sneak around him as quick as possible. Alternatively, I use invisibility potions. Both are great ways of getting past those few guards that stand right in the middle of your path (without simply slaughtering them)!
  5. I'm a sword and shield warrior... boring I know But only pussies sneak around, I run in with my oversized Redguard penis and jizz into the eyes of draugur (and then place them into an assortment of sex positions).
  6. Personally, I've found that sticking to one type of alcohol and drinking higher quality stuff tends to reduce the likeliness of a hangover. But more often than not, I fail to meet either of the aforementioned criteria.
  7. I hate drinking around this time of year, everywhere's always so busy. Regardless, i'm looking forward to my turkey! In terms of presents I got some Aston Villa merchandise, a pair of Supras and some rather 'too expensive to wear' Ralph Lauren trainers. And also some clothes. I'm gutted nobody bought me Dark Souls, but then again, i'm the only nerd in the family. Merry Christmas and happy holidays!
  8. Yeah, even though I don't have a compulsive need to play any more I can still kill countless hours. There's always one more thing to do before I turn it off!
  9. Maybe this is the DLC? I hope it really is something and not just "fingerless gluvs" all over again.
  10. They said that the DLC would be 'meaty'. So it will more than likely take us to a place outside of Skyrim, I think that's expected. Whether it be a daedric world or another island, i'm unsure. They did also add smaller DLCs to oblivion, like the stronghold and mage tower etc. Whether they will add small things like that to the game, I don't know.
  11. I agree, recently I staged a bandit threesome in a cave near Markarth. Of course, I have a gauntlet fetish so they remained on. Anybody else miss the armour to greaves distinction? I used to enjoy running around topless...
  12. We all want to go from rags to riches, and all these things just add to that experience. It gives us a sense of achievement.
  13. Can't say I ever noticed that.
  14. Customising cars, customising attire, customising safe houses... it's all the same pointless bullshit really. Personally, upgrading safe houses would be better than customising safe houses. I don't care if my sofa is red or blue, or if I can change the tiles in my bathroom. But adding a weapons stash, another garage space or a helipad are all things that would constitute 'upgrading' your safe house. These would be cool additions to the game.
  15. Yeah you have to join the companions guild
  16. This looks interesting. At about £230 I think I'll wait a year or so to even consider buying one though.
  17. Yeah, a mixture of things to buy would be great. I want to make legal purchases with my illegally obtained money!
  18. Only downside is that you don't get Well Rested or Rested bonuses from sleeping. Which give you temporary (8 hours) 10% or 5% experience boost, respectively. And people make certain comments, such as saying that you smell like wet dog.
  19. You should be able to buy safehouses. There is never enough to buy in GTA. Money quickly becomes redundant.
  20. I think that's if you're doing a quest or enemy are nearby. Could be wrong but I'm sure someone here could tell us for certain. You can save at anytime during the game. If it's greyed out then you must be talking to someone or performing an action of some sort. There are no other restrictions on when you can save. @Bones - originally Bretons were actually best as magic types, I think they're quite short as well.
  21. Can't really go to Vinewood without movie studios, but I think a theme park would be a waste of space.
  22. Problem with that is your own combat skills don't increase. My conjured Dremora Lord can kill a giant in two hits, but I want that experience for myself. That's why I don't use followers. Perhaps a system similar to Diablo, whereby your companion also levelled up along side you?
  23. You should have to do a mission whilst drunk.