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  1. For the skyrim newbies: Get the Black Star Very useful daedric artifact for enchanting Do the quest in Frostflow Lighthouse for (Healing Spells Cure 10% More) Passive effect, meaning it's always on Pick a Guardian Stone Passive but you can only have one stone active at a time Gain a Blessing Temporary passive effect, you must renew every 8 hours and you can only have one at a time Give a coin to a bigger (Gift of Charity) +10 speechcraft for 1 hour, useful if you're about to go on a big spending/selling spree Hope that helps, that's all I could think of but i'm sure there are loads of other blessings and useful things. Reading up on your daedric artifacts could also help you get some cool stuff.
  2. I made my player look more like Batman. I'm wearing Nightingale Hood and Armor, with Ebony Boots and Gauntlets. Fucking.Bad.Ass
  3. Nightingale armour and a one-handed ebony sword makes you feel like a fucking badass. Talking about fucking badasses:
  4. I had some SERIOUS frame rate issues earlier, so much so that it froze the game. Restarted and it was fine. Weird!
  5. You can join multiple guilds at the same time. The civil war quest line is separate to other quest lines. In the civil war quest line you can only join one side, stormcloak or imperial... but they're both assholes. If you've cleared that lighthouse you'll have around 400+ Chaurus eggs
  6. Maybe the whole 3-tier (or 2 in GTAIV) weaponry system will be scrapped and we'll get a more dynamic system. Obviously it would be nice to have a hierarchy of weapons though. Always good to go from a 9mm to a Desert Eagle, but perhaps something more dynamic or extended will allow for different play styles, diversity and reduce the redundancy of older weapons.
  7. If a dungeon harbours a dragon shout and you've found the shout, on your map the location will say "Completed". Unique dungeons can also be "completed" if you've killed the main boss or found the main treasure, it's usually quite obvious. Some dungeons can't be completed though, they're often the places where radiant quests take place.
  8. They should bring back swords and all those dope melee weapons from vice city.
  9. Look at your save file in-game, it will state how many hours have been played. Not sure about how many there are, i'd guess around 40 though. When they're on the verge of dying, they crouch down and enemies tend to stop hitting them and target you instead. So this gives them the chance to heal, but if they're hit during this time, for example; if you aren't near to take the agro, they can get killed easily. You can heal them and buff them etc. Their body will remain there for some time, up to 30 in-game days I believe, but don't hold me to it. They could disappear after a few days or remain there forever... Yes there is bounty, maximum of 1000 gold in each hold. Committing a crime in one hold doesn't transfer it to the other. You can get away with some crimes by paying small fines, being the Thane or bribing the guard. Another thing I noticed (in the alchemy store at least), if you steal stuff in a shop, the items are eventually replaced. Unlike previous Elder Scrolls.
  10. My girlfriend tried to play GTAIV once, i'm not sure if she's worse at driving in real life or in-game. I'm glad she doesn't play though, imagine having to share Skyrim time with her! Fuck no. Anyway, welcome all.
  11. Yes, if they die they won't come back. But there are plenty in the world, so no loss really. That applies to horses as well, including Shadowmere.
  12. Reminds me of Starvin' Marvin... [insert correct South Park reference here]
  13. If you've played Fallout 3/NV (which you have, a lot), this game will feel very familiar. However, at the same time you'll definitely know that it's a vastly new experience. You'll understand when you begin.
  14. Source Some really good images in there, check them out. Just some of my favourites:
  15. Did you have enough magica for that fight or did you use potions?
  16. The only thing that really damages me are the ice shards, they fuckin hurt, and every other mage decides to use it as their primary attack.
  17. Man I'm in serious need of a drink. Btw, I hate it when they pour the jager into the redbull, it's only good when they drop the shot glass in so it floats. It lets the drink blend nicely when you neck it.
  18. use [media][/media] tags I do like them, getting quite big now though. I think Tyler featured on Game's album.
  19. Niruin from thieves guild offers archery training, and I think Aela from the companions does so too.
  20. Indy

    PC Gaming

    Yeah I read about this earlier too, not sure about paying a subscription for something I can't really see myself using though.
  21. I don't really want to invest perks in the alchemy tree, maybe i'll just settle for the blacksmiths potion (20%) or try making my own at 100 alchemy, although I don't know if that will make a strong enough potion.
  22. Two screens: I took the first picture myself (DJ decks) and edited it on photoshop. It's just a crap filter lol, but it gave the effect I was looking for. The second is obviously Kung Fu Panda.
  23. Psy: Did you have to max out your alchemy ?