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  1. I think the driving looks good. With Franklin it looks silly but with the other two dudes driving looks cool.
  2. Oh, you seen the gameplay? Well golly-gee how wonderful for you. Nobody cares. Nobody cares what you think about the driving. Nobody cares that you've watched leaked videos. Nobody cares about anything you've had to say for days now (if even before then). I've had it up to here with your bitching and moaning about something you've decided you don't like about a game you haven't even played yet. Knock it off, this is your final warning on this matter. *blinks* Okay... then. :/ Is it agaisnt the rules for someone to have an opinion on this forum? Geez, no need to have that attitude.
  3. Watching the GTA V trailers for one last time and enjoying GTA IV's Online for one last time. Cannot wait! :D

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      CaPn bOnEs

      i DL'd all of them to my PS3 a few days ago, i've watched them a few times on my big TV...

  4. First road trip? I'll firstly find a Jaguar XFR lookalike and take it to Michael's mansion. Then I'll begin my trip at dawn. Turn off the mini map, find a freeway and there you go.
  5. The only engine we got to hear properly was the red convertible revving at the traffic lights, and it sounded just as flat and lifeless as the cars in GTA IV. I agree it sounded like the cars from IV, but seriously, I had no problem with the cars sounds in IV. After playing ugly games like TDU 2 and stuff, the cars sounds in IV were superb IMO. Better than the fake sounds in III.
  6. GTA III - Flashback 95.6 GTA VC - Flashback fm GTA SA - Radio Los Santos GTA IV - Radio Broker TLAD - LRR TBoGT - Vice City fm
  7. ^^No I'm just like it's people's opinions; I mean not everybody wants a heavily realstic game, but some people just want the game to be a bit more realistic is certain ways. Not saying I agree with all of the ideas, but it's just people's opinions. Nevermind... :/ OT: I'm looking forward to the ability to purchase property like in SA, VC, and Chinatown Wars. I'd also love for many tuners and sports cars from San Andreas to return as well as the Deluxo from VC.
  8. What are your top 20 favorite GTA songs out of all of the games? Mine are: 1. Black Sabbath - Heaven & Hell(IV) 2. Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive(IV) 3. America - Horse With No Name(SA) 4. Stone Temple Pilots - Plush(SA) 5. Guns & Roses - Welcome to the Jungle(SA) 6. Flock of Seagulls - I Ran(VC) 7. Unkle - Mayday(IV) 8. Kanye West - Flashing Lights(IV) Sorry I had another song on my mind and I forgot to post the name of this song. I don't need a guide:/ 9. The Pistolas - Take it With a Kiss(IV) 10. Cypress Hill - How I Could Just Kill a Man(SA) 11. Loose Ends - Hangin' on Strings(IV) 12. CJ Hilton - I Want You(IV) 13. Dru Hill - In My Bed(IV) 14. Kid Frost - La Raza (SA) 15. Black Keys - Strange Times(IV) 16.Hall & Oates - Maneater(IV) 17. Mai Tai - History(IV) 18. Texas - I don't Want a Lover(IV) 19. Jefferson Airplane - Jane(IV) 20. Foghat - Driving Wheel(IV) Edit: Um, I have a lot of songs I like and some are from SA and VC. I don't think I need someone to tell me to listen to more SA songs, because we all like different types of songs and in my opinion, these are my favorite 20 GTA songs. Believe me, I have a lot of favorites and a lot of them are from San Andreas too.
  9. More houses, lobbies, offices, restaurants, bars, just a lot more interiors. I think R*'s detail on interiors in GTA 4 looked good so why not add more interiors.
  10. I would like to see multiple safehouses. You know you can buy safehouses. I'd like to see things like houses, condos, apartments, and some mansions.
  11. That would be amazing. I could make videos of me similating Air Crash Investigations where the flight starts out calm and then something happens, the plane makes and emergency landing or it explodes somewhere.
  12. I'm not one to usually write people with different opinions off... but the author and anyone with this article is a complete dumbass. That article has such an overload of idiocy it gives me a headache.
  13. Cars I want to return from San Andreas & Vice City: *Cheetah *Elegy *Windsor *Club *Clover *Sultan(in GTA 4 but I want it to look like a Subaru again) *ZR-350 *Jester *Tornado(seen in the trailer but they could easily drop it) *AT-400 *Stinger GTA 4 cars: I want most of them to return, but I look forward to most of them being updated.
  14. I want to see more of the city, the country, a protagonist, hear more of the story or show some situations from it, and end it with a release date, hopefully some time in October.
  15. I think they've really put a lot of work into it and that it will not only look good, but you can do a lot of extra stuff, see a lot of extra stuff, and the story sounds like they've put work into that too.
  16. I hope to see more coutryside, mansions, suburbs, and/or the protagonist(s). I sort of want a release date.
  17. Hopefully GTA V news will come, though not at e3. If not I'm putting my attention on Most Wanted and Forza instead.

  18. More than likely it is a palm tree, but it would make since that there is a LSX tower there. If you haven't paid attention to the LA map, look at it and you'll see Winward and Pacific Island, where the scene is based, LAX isn't too far at. That's not true actually, anybody could do that. And R* does not downsize, everything they have done seems to be bigger than their previous titles, with the exception of Liberty City, but LC was much more detailed and almost just as big with a more detailed endless sea. Oh lord...
  19. Up-n-Atom Burger Bitchin' Dog Food Burger Shot Cluckin' Bell 24/7 Wigwam Burger Random stores and stuff that appears on commercials and stuff.
  20. The mobile cheat entry was a piece of shit imo, you just stood there like a moron while getting shot when using it. If you got shot, you put it away. You couldn't run with it, or crouch with it. I prefer the good ol' R1 R2 L1 R2 left down right up left down right up, or pressing the ~ key like in skyrim and entering a code. To be honest, I'd say lets just have both styles, but I liked the mobile for cruising but your car got hit and you could easily repair it. And sjust stood there? You have a cheats section you don't have to dial all of the time and you could walk and drive with it.