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  1. No parkour. Better movements like jump and grab then climb. The hood slide seemed a little sloppy. I like that ladders were improved.
  2. Pulling back did allow for more time. That was the best part.
  3. A double edge woodsmen axe is what I mean. Maybe only found in a remote loggers camp. But a firemens axe would also be great. I don't really care for the antique type of weapons. Maybe a pick axe or sledge hammer can be found on a construction site.
  4. A wide variety of guns and weapons is what I would like to see. I know I will be happy with the guns since there is going to be customization. I really want to see brass knuckles make a return that would make melee more interesting. An ax preferably two headed. I want to see some crude weapons like a pool ball in a sock. Or a broken bottle. And if I pick up a brick I want to be able to smash someone with it, or if I throw it at someone's heAd it fucks them up(unlike gta4). Beating pedestrians with a dildo is good for a laugh.
  5. Running and sliding across the hood of a car(dukes) would be cool. Dukes of Hazzard style.
  6. I don't like the idea of DLC for gta5. I think that's why R* created gta5 with the 3 protags.
  7. I liked the idea of a zoo. Maybe a mission where you feed someone to tigers. Or just sit on a roof above the zoo and shoot all the animals, or instead shot the locks on the cages and watch them leave their cages people running and screaming, elephants trample people. A bear mauls an old man. Zoo keepers running around catching the animals.
  8. I want better locations for shootouts with the cops. Definitely need to see more variety in law enforcement. Security guards?no guns. They actually try and detain you or maybe they have flashlights our nightsticks. It needs to be harder to steal a money truck at least give the driver a gun. Oh the endless fun. Well said.
  9. I'd rather the repos be like Stevie's car theft missions. Receive a message or email via phone. And be able to do multiple repos at once. And maybe have the choice to use a flat bed or transport type truck. Hook and book a couple of cars in the same area. I mean that's just one option in how your able to get the repo done. I didn't like having to go to the same spots to trigger the gang wars in tbogt and tlad. Literately being able to choose a repo mission on the fly and the parachute down to the repo. I hope Franklin and Michel aren't restricted from flying.
  10. I would like to see one of those trucks that can hook up to train tracks.
  11. i also agree, i will be looking for a RPG, i really hope that i can carry more then 8 rockets.
  12. First thing I will be doing is looking for some different weapons. I'm hoping for brass knuckles. Then I'm just gonna drive around looking for trouble to cause. I'm gonna start some fights and really fuck with people and then I'm taking to the sky. I've seen a blimp in the trailer and screen shots so I'm gonna check that out. I will be using a small plane for all this. I want to fly slow overhead and she the view and check the graphics how does the scenery appear. There's s much I want to do before I get into the missions. I will also be looking for places that were in San Andreas. Grove st. Catalina's hideout, check the small towns around Los santons, ammunation, the crop duster, truths farm, ect.
  13. I can't wait to be eatin by a shark. The sub looks fun. I hope scuba gear means theirs a harpoon gun. If I can't command the dog to attack and kill I will be very sad. I've always wanted a pet that could keep up with my pedestrian killings. I'm so gonna feed people to the shark.
  14. I was just thinking how about dismemberment? When using a shotgun would you be able to blow limbs off? Or when using a sword/machete? And explosions watching body parts go flying? Or is this just taking it to far in the gore department.? When driving over someone I don't want to see them get up and simply hobble away, I mean I ran over the guys legs and even did a burnout on him and he still got up and hobbled away holding his stomach. He shouldn't of been able to walk. A little more realism in the violence department is what I would like to see.
  15. Well said. Shooting someone with their hands up in the hand....hilarious!
  16. I will piss myself laughing as I drive just slow enough for the cop to keep up. Make the poor bastard follow you out of the city and into the countryside. Or or the cop is in full chase just a peddling and then I hit the brakes, he goes smashing into the back of my car and flipping down the windshield and then gets run over. Also emergency services needs more actions fire fighting, paramedics, vigialiante,(taxi missions) as well. The fire department should be out the putting out fires and other shit. Paramedics should be tending to other people's accidents and house calls. In GTA 4 I felt like I had to always keep them busy.
  17. It's safe to say that with the map size and location variety of Los Santos and area, we are sure to see a large variety of weapons. Similar to SA or VC in variety. With all the bad ass guns of GTA4. GTA 5 needs a revolver, multiple rocket launchers, knuckle dusters, silenced pistols, and crossbows. In my opinion.
  18. I keep thinking crossbow! That could have some hilarious results. Hiding out on roof tops shooting peds walking their dogs. Car tires maybe bud pulls over to fix his flat then as he's driving away shoot another tire and the guys pulls over sees he's got a second flat gets pissed off and is forced to call a tow truck. Tow truck arrives and I shoot both guys. I then steal the tow truck for some mayhem later. Crossbow! More stealth. I couldn't see myself using it much but it would still be fun.
  19. A cargo plane I could load a tank into or some car and could drop it off somewhere for later use. Fly a tank up to the mountans, land a tank on top of a building in Los Santos. I think Trevor would be the guy who could get things like that. Call him up for a tank, APC, car, truck. Pick up or delivery. A gyro copter would be fun. Drop moltove's on pedestrians and traffic.
  20. Animals in the woods and mountains. Bears,deer,mountain cats, wild dogs, different birds and small game. How about an area where you can hunt., or buy tags to hunt. Running over animals and causing road kill would just be fun. Speeding through the city and a cat or dog runs infront of your car. Swerve or speed up and run it down. The little things. A flock of seagulls so you pull out your shot gun and shred 10 or so leaving just a bloody feathery mess. As the others get picked of as they fly away. Feathers floating down blowing in the wind. Just being able to shot a guy walking his dog with a sniper rifle. With different and some times hilarious results, example. Shot guy walking and then his dog takes off running down the street, maybe gets hit by a car or attacks a ped. Or guy gets shot and his dog takes off running draging his owner behind. Leaving a bloody trail. People screaming and reacting. Or shoot the dog and just watch as the ped cries over his dead dog. Hahaha. The little things.
  21. Being able to shoot while parachuting. Death from above. It's the little things I'm looking for. Call for a pizza to an address and either pay for it and get health, or wait and watch the delivery guy realize it was a prank and then snipe him at the doorstep. Then take his pizza and get health for free. I want to be able to run out on a taxi fare. I'm sick of paying for taxis. Or maybe leave a bomb in the taxi so as he drives away you can blow it up. Fire trucks with working ladders. That would help in getting to rooftops or places that you can't climb up to.
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