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  1. when does the next update come out?


  2. No parkour. Better movements like jump and grab then climb. The hood slide seemed a little sloppy. I like that ladders were improved.
  3. Pulling back did allow for more time. That was the best part.
  4. A double edge woodsmen axe is what I mean. Maybe only found in a remote loggers camp. But a firemens axe would also be great. I don't really care for the antique type of weapons. Maybe a pick axe or sledge hammer can be found on a construction site.
  5. A wide variety of guns and weapons is what I would like to see. I know I will be happy with the guns since there is going to be customization. I really want to see brass knuckles make a return that would make melee more interesting. An ax preferably two headed. I want to see some crude weapons like a pool ball in a sock. Or a broken bottle. And if I pick up a brick I want to be able to smash someone with it, or if I throw it at someone's heAd it fucks them up(unlike gta4). Beating pedestrians with a dildo is good for a laugh.
  6. Running and sliding across the hood of a car(dukes) would be cool. Dukes of Hazzard style.
  7. I don't like the idea of DLC for gta5. I think that's why R* created gta5 with the 3 protags.
  8. I liked the idea of a zoo. Maybe a mission where you feed someone to tigers. Or just sit on a roof above the zoo and shoot all the animals, or instead shot the locks on the cages and watch them leave their cages people running and screaming, elephants trample people. A bear mauls an old man. Zoo keepers running around catching the animals.
  9. I want better locations for shootouts with the cops. Definitely need to see more variety in law enforcement. Security guards?no guns. They actually try and detain you or maybe they have flashlights our nightsticks. It needs to be harder to steal a money truck at least give the driver a gun. Oh the endless fun. Well said.
  10. I'd rather the repos be like Stevie's car theft missions. Receive a message or email via phone. And be able to do multiple repos at once. And maybe have the choice to use a flat bed or transport type truck. Hook and book a couple of cars in the same area. I mean that's just one option in how your able to get the repo done. I didn't like having to go to the same spots to trigger the gang wars in tbogt and tlad. Literately being able to choose a repo mission on the fly and the parachute down to the repo. I hope Franklin and Michel aren't restricted from flying.
  11. I would like to see one of those trucks that can hook up to train tracks.