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  1. For the most part, yeah. But I still want more, because I'm holding out for a game that does it right. RDR was close, because people were defending their settlements and whatnot, but I'm waiting for a game that takes it further. I want to survive, not play an FPS with zombies. I can't remember the title, but someone was working on a downloadable game (might have been 360 exclusive, unfortunately) where you had to find supplies like food and fortifications for your base, and find survivors to help the base grow into a community, amidst a zombie apocalypse. That's the kind of game I want. I want the zombies to be an obstacle, but I want survival to be the focus. I spent a lot of time roleplaying in Undead Nightmare, gathering imaginary supplies, finding safe places to camp out, saving towns. It was a lot of fun. Also, Thieves' Landing was the safest town in the game. I spent a lot of time looking around every inch of the place, thinking about where fortifications and barriers should be, etc. Still waiting, game industry. Still waiting... If... IF it's done right, I'm all in for it, we should not have to roleplay on a Zombie game.. so therefore I will sit and wait with you... It doesn't even have to be zombies, it could be something else, like mutants or disease field people that are on killing sprees.
  2. Zombies have been way overused in video games. I'm tired of seeing it.
  3. I can never watch a CVG video all the way through, I try to watch it but I usually get about 10 minutes in and end up saying "the fuck?" They really do way, way too much speculation. I seriously don't think they've been right about more than 3 things... The same thing with this map, it's shit.
  4. I wouldn't bet on it haha, we had a hard time beating Malta 2-0, just plain embarrassing.
  5. I believe LA NOIRE, MAX PAYNE 3, and I think Red Dead Redemption, O.K. ........................................ But other than those, none then... That's 5 games ranging from 2008-2013, what more do people need in order to tell Rockstar delays games?
  6. That's the way England is, they play just like Italy... they either play really good, or just play like utter shit. In fact I am going to try to stream the Italy-San Marino game tomarrow, and if Italy don't win by 4 goals, I will be highly upset.
  7. If they changed it, it would just be called "Military Patriot". Which leads me to say that it doesn't really need changing.
  8. Nah, i just watched Germany play Ecuador, Germany scored within the first 10 sec's then followed up with a second 3 mins later, it was 4-1 after the 1st 45 mins played, Ecuador pulled another one back later on, not a bad score line for a friendly.
  9. Thank you, I miss all the Italian National Team games, i needed those.
  10. You bitches. Act your age... wait... nevermind, you are.
  11. ok then. when you wanna face off, kuz? bronson? That means 14 other people are invited, so reserve your sets!
  12. Seriously though, face off. Kuz if you are going to call him out and say he's an easy kill, then prove it... and if you (Bronson) say you're not an easy kill and you're better than he thinks, then prove it.
  13. Nope, i'm in the US, they are showing the Germany-Ecuador game.
  14. Juan-on-One: Bronson VS Kuz.... Let's see it happen guys, then we will know who's better. No cars, no explosives, no helis. Just straight AK gun play.
  15. Strong words, friend. We will now come at you. lol jk Kuz did kill me a good amount of times while playing mafia works, so did gtagrl, everybody was beastin... Bones and Dup are the two hardest to kill, usually when me and Bones come face-to-face it's a double-kill. He's gots them skillz lol
  16. Just received mine too, I'm now an official Epsilonist. YES!
  17. Yep. Here's Trevor outside of what looks like one of The Lost MC's clubhouses, and in the background you can see The Lost gang van.
  18. I see it the way Kuz is seeing it, big forehead, small round nose, and small lips
  19. Sorry guys, my gf was over longer than I anticipated. Soooo ill be home soon, anybody still playing?
  20. I thought this one had a real IV feel to it true. but what really makes this one stand out from GTA IV is the sky, I love the new weather system they have shown so far. But it does look like IV, just with updated graphics... I actually like that.
  21. I'm the only one to pre-order the Collector's Edition in my town so far. Fuck yeah! Go me...