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  1. Omg I haven’t been on this site since like 2013 and just came across it again...to see some of the same people on here from way back then and before is crazy. Cheers. 

  2. I could never except them because I was running around with my friend just doing stuff. And yeah you should as long as I'm not busy with school work.
  3. Speaking of fat guys... It would be fun to snipe a running fat guy online from a couple blocks down watching him drastically fall as the bullet picks him up off the ground and slams him face first in the street, scraping his face on the hard cement as he compiles into a belly roll and lays there bleeding for all of his crew members to see, making them ask, "am I next?".... Bloodthirsty 11/18/14
  4. It is a let down... I bought it on ps3 not knowing that decryption mode and free roam were cut out. The graphics are shit, and the car handling is worst than GTA 3. Luckily I got it for $38 after i sold in some really old games. Imma try to sell this game for $40-50 dollars on facebook. Fuck you Ubisoft.
  5. Fuck Michael, Franklin, and Trevor.. I was really hoping for a new protagonist.
  6. Winners of each group and 2nd place teams: A: Brazil (winners), Croatia B: Spain (winners), Chile C: Columbia (winners), Japan D: Italy (winners), Uruguay E: France (winners), Ecuador F: Argentina (winners), Bosnia G: Germany (winners), Portugal H: Belgium (winners), Russia Italy wins it all.
  7. No, I live in the US and I love soccer, I just don't support the US national team. Me neither. I am though happy that we are Top 20 in FIFA rankings True, they have shown a lot of heart and talent through the WCQ's, well deserved.
  8. No, I live in the US and I love soccer, I just don't support the US national team.
  9. Yes, Cam sucks. The first 2 years he ran a lot so he was hard to defend, now he starts to run less, because hits cause injuries. I mean look at RG3, he already had a bunch of injuries. The Panthers now have a solid defense and that's why they win games, not because of Cam. Also I've seen the game as I watch all Falcons games (gamepass is free in the Netherlands!) and Matt Ryan is a great QB, the O-line sucks badly. That's the reason for the interceptions, I mean look at Matt's sacks and hurries. I know the Falcons lost a lot this year, but I could go and post Carolina's results from last 3 years... yawn... and you could also post the fact that each year the Panthers' record has gotten better... 2010 w/out Cam (2-14), 2011 Cam's 1st year (6-10), 2012 (7-9) and now 2013 (8-3) say what you want but Cam is the one that has marched the Panthers 80+ yards in two straight games to score the game winning TD. But having a Panthers' defense that only allows 13.3 points per game does help, I will give you that.
  10. Bought the Bull Shark Cash Card for $9.99, 500,000 gtaO money. Didn't get a god damn dime. Pretty Pissed

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    2. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu

      gtagrl said:

      "I will never pay a real dime for clothes"

      Good going ya noobs. Now we won't get to see her naked.

    3. gtagrl
    4. Brian


      Not like the almost $2 billion in profits funds anything...

  11. There's no doubt he's a good QB on most days, he's just not elite like people think he is. Still has only 1 playoff win, with 5 losses in the post season.
  12. this is the first post i see upon entering this thread... this argument is now invalid... @NPC Cam Newton sucks? Yet he is the first QB in history to throw 50 TD's and run for 25 TD's in their first 3 years... oh and by the way, I was in Charlotte last Sunday watching my (wait for it).... 5-3 Panthers kick your (here it comes).... 2-6 Falcons ass 34-10. Matt Ryan threw 3 picks, one ending the game as a contest via pick-six. Who's the bad QB again?
  13. Total players killed: 1,348 Total deaths by players: 485... Has anybody else got a body count over 1,000 yet? Or do I need to slow down?

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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      join us monday vice... come on, man!!

    3. gtagrl


      ...jooooin ussss...

    4. GunSmith


      "Gabba gabba, we accept you, we accept you, one of us!"

  14. If you would like you can join my crew, don't feel like posting this in the crew forum, so if you want to join just press join and i will add you. (must have KDR of 1.50 or better)

  15. this is like the croch-rocket version of a car...
  16. Ahhhh the Falcons losing their #1 wide receiver... Don't ya just love it
  17. How the car will look after getting away while having a $9,000 bounty on you.
  18. Bones, Gtagrl, Dup, Brian, Bronson, Fanboy, Kuz and any other ps3 user, lets on tonight and do some races. I'm in the racing mood today. looking for win #31 later...

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    2. Brian


      With way less features.

      That argument has been invalid since they announced they will be charging for PSN after the release of PS4...

    3. Ace Of Spades
    4. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      who the hell cares about features... all my friends are on the PSN...

  19. Another update? idk about this the last one had mine working great, hope this one doesn't mess anything up.

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      is it live yet or no?

  20. So you can be in passive mode, but still shoot while in a car... right.

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    2. Godfather


      I'm good at depositing my money, I just go into my safehouse or an ally lol

    3. angeal18


      Losing $2000 every time you die in free mode because of "healthcare cost" is really annoying. They should have never put that in.

    4. Godfather


      It's bullshit, $500 max should have been the limit

  21. Yep. Kinda pissed I bought the $93k when I could've had the $80k with the same shit plus a better location. I guess I've learned my lesson...lol
  22. played a little just now, great session, no hiccups and my guy was in my character wheel. Just hoping he will not get sucked up by the cloud while i'm offline... kinda worried and scared.
  23. No I didn't get mine back, I had to make a new one this morning. But it did let me keep $49k from my other character so now I'm a level 4 with just under $60k. Played a mission with Dup This morning also without any problems.