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  1. If you have under $10k then it will take a couple hundred bucks, if you have $20-40k it will take 2 grand from you, then if you have $45k-whatever they will take 5 grand from you everytime you die..
  2. Me and my friend josh got together and caused some damage last night.. im the one that looks like Niko, in the kick ass basketball jersey
  3. The clothes in the stores are ehhh, well they are... OK i guess, but damn half that shit is ugly. I like my clothes a little baggy, but all they have in online is short-tight swag QD shirts, the pants are a little better though. I do love the shoes tbh. But where the hell are the bandana's for your face? (i actually wanna look like a gang banger, and they arn't letting me) also why are there only like 3 flat-brim hats?
  4. That's ridiculous tbh Indeed, it's a hassle, almost makes me want to play solo the whole time... but then again I'll just have to deal with a 3-4 star wanted level for robbing a 24/7... so it's a lose-lose situation. That's why I was going to buy GTAO $ from the psn store, but I'm having second thoughts now since I've lost everything for the 4th time... ah well. "I have a dream... that one day, GTAO will work properly and not fuck me over..."
  5. cheapest is $80k and the most expensive is $400k i believe.. It's going to be tough to get all that money, I have amassed over 80 grand but the most I've ever had in the bank was a little over $50k, Do Not Die After You Get $40k, they start to take away $5,000 each time you die, shit will make you go "Detroit honky broke"
  6. I hope they restore my character, it looks like they arn't going to though. A few mins ago it still said i had $50k even tho it didnt show my character, now it says i have $0 and no character...ugh
  7. Rank 8... $45,500, and a couple of missions done.... that's what i had until i got on today and found out my character has been deleted for not the 1st time, but the fourth fucking time. Getting real tired of this shit...

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    2. Godfather


      Damn Bronson, that sucks! I guess im in the same boat, just a different situation...

    3. Jizzy


      Just stand around in singleplayer if it does that, sometimes it has to load

    4. Godfather


      well Im just letting it sit for a while, I cut it off... I'm hoping for the best

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  8. God damnit... everytime I die i lose $1000, looks like im going to buy online money. Can't seem to get over 20k without some dickhead or the police killing me forcing me to lose a whole shit load of cash...

  9. Nope, tried this morning and still isn't working for me... Nvm. I'm on this time
  10. My character showed up in my wheel finally also.. lol during my free roam online i was able to get $240 in bank and a shotgun. Now i have something to start off of with when we finally get started.
  11. Online: I feel so alone out here Found a Western Demon
  12. I'm in... it glitched me in somehow. It wont let me start the race tho... just says "Go to the Race Trigger" but yet there is no trigger
  13. Im in! It glitched and let me play around!

    1. Jizzy


      *Attempts to join your game from the start menu*

    2. Godfather


      Im in the solo session, worry lol

    3. Godfather
  14. Got my guy just right, haven't had trouble with it deleting my character so now I just gotta wait for everything to get settled... blah.
  15. Yesir, it's called a closed session; their is two. A closed Crew session and a closed friends session.
  16. I'm just talking about IV, I thought that was one of the best stories Rockstar has ever came up with, but the Episodes were also pretty good.
  17. The solo session works, but as soon as you do the first activity it shuts off
  18. This shit will not let a nigga in. "Failed to host a GTA Online session"
  19. Got my guy created, after that It kept kicking me out. Sigh.
  20. GTA SA had the same atmosphere as every GTA 3 era game... the only difference is that SA had shitty story with no plot, you were in a street gang, you could buy clothes, tattoos, houses and you're a an annoying black guy . Shit Saints Row 1 beat that on their first try. But everyone has an opinion so I respect yours. And I change my number 1 to GTA IV, the story is just to good.
  21. I feel like rating them in order, I have a tie for 1st place though.. so it's hard to really choose a solid number one. My list is based on the story, and how good I thought it was. 1. IV 1. V 2. VC 3. VCS 4. LCS 5. III 7. SA 8. The rest...