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  1. *Gets on Social Club* Invited to join a crew called "State Farm" .... wtf? lol

    1. OptimumPx


      "Like a good neighbor State Farm is there!" TM ® ©

    2. Godfather


      one of my favorite commercials from them.
  2. Finds out he's in the "muscle" group in the IGTA hierarchy, not too pleased after what i have shown in the igta MP events... I might not be a Gold member but damn if i cant play better than some of them. /rant post

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    2. Brian


      gtagrl is a chocolate muffin

    3. Parker


      This alot of comments

    4. Godfather


      I don't always make statuses, but when i do.... they get blown the fuck up

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  3. have fun! im tired of messing with it.... lol
  4. nope, not too late, just be ready at 6 pm EST Ok that's 11pm UK time for me, My psn id is on my profile. Just invite me or something? I'm a little rusty though. Bones will invite you most likely, but ill add you and invite if he doesn't.
  5. nope, not too late, just be ready at 6 pm EST
  6. after reading these comments, n00b crew would be a perfect name
  7. lmao sorry about that, i was gonna get on the other day and say sign me up but i never got around to it.
  8. sign me up kind sir. And No i feel badass whether auto-aim is on or not. but really i prefer auto-aim to be on.
  9. I was a level 8 before my old fat PS got the yellow blinking light of death, I couldn't remember my password, i would have been a level 10 back in 2011 if i still had my old account. smh oh well.
  10. lmao at Bone's last pic, we were all standing there for the picture and BOOM! the explosion blew me a good 2 blocks away lol
  11. Never again, free-aim... so frustrating. If you had the Desert Eagle, you had no chance. I can't count the number of times I got ripped apart by the shotgun. fuck-a desert eagle and fuck-a free-aim! The DM was fun though. Packed with action... can't wait til V now, especially after tonight.
  12. ohhhhh ill get in on this. sign me up please ahhh i love TBoGT's free mode, but the deathmatch not so much...it just feels different to me.
  13. I really only play MP for about an hour or two, after that it gets boring..
  14. I accepted the invite Dup, thanks. I've been playing MP3 a lot, I need some of you IGTA members to play with me
  15. I've never liked Cruz, he just seemed like a dickhead from the 1st time i saw him... Hicks is 1000 times better than him.
  16. I think it was Fanboy that said he was videoing, not sure though.
  17. Looking at the photos are making me want to play again haha
  18. No matter what Jacksonville does they have no hope, the only thing they can look forward to this year is wearing new uniforms.
  19. Hmmm..... I'll play, but I'm not in the deathmatch mood, so ill join after for some race/shenanigans fuck it... I'll play in the deathmatch..