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  1. I think it's at 80% at least, the map looked quite fleshed out to me, and we saw what look like missions. They wouldn't start work on the missions until they had a pretty good idea of the map layout. see thats what i was thinking, cuz for certain missions they will want you to have to go from "point A to point B" and maybe along the way u may have to drive through the ghetto, or almost get hit by an on-comming trian etc.. you know that idea lol what they pretty much do in all the GTA games
  2. not stupid at all man, love the ideas u have, expecially the ability to do what normal peds do just too make it more realistic
  3. might be off topic, but do you guys think the game is atleast 90% complete by now or what??
  4. hmmm gee i dont think so, i may be wrong but i think online it said they would start pre-order for V in March... maybe??
  5. this is true, well thats what my hometown Gamestop has said man. They are gonna advertise V starting around late January, but idk how true they really are :|
  6. somtimes compaines like Blockbuster, walmart, gamestop etc... have to put dates in for games, otherwise there system will probally not let them show the iteam in the inventory, just like sombody has said on this post, i doubt R* even knows when the game will be completely ready for shipping, and if they do know there "release date".... shit, they aint telling anybody lol
  7. wow thats weird there are 2 of them in the relation of the "carolina's" ...why? cuz Myrtle Beach is a real place way over here on the other side of the US, why would they say myrtlebeachattorney.com & carolinabrokers.com
  8. Actully its not... Italian Mafia is all over California, its mostly the Commision that makes up the 5 familes in NYC and they moved across the US to Cal. and true black gangs arnt really nothing big so agreed You could not be more wrong. The Commission hasn't been able to meet in years. The L.A. crime family has been listed as inactive by the F.B.I. But you're right about one thing: there is a presence of mafiosi all over California. Unfortunately, they're either disgraced former members or guests in one of California's fine correctional institutions. just because they are listed as "inactive" doesnt total mean they are not still rolling, but The LA crime family is weak anyway so it doesnt really matter either way lol
  9. I think your wrong mate , Wouldnt if he was there son im sure he would take Cesars surname yes? he ment "the rock" but it cant be cesars kid cuz anything before IV was "not real" never created so too say haha damn that looks just like the guy in the trailer man, good find
  10. You're gay. Just kidding. Almost all the games in the past included Italians, I think it's nice that they aren't going to be in this one. dont be a bitch jk but nah i know what u mean man
  11. What do you guys think? ...is the young guy in the red car on the 1st trailer latino or black? and what do you think his main role in the game will be??
  12. Actully its not... Italian Mafia is all over California, its mostly the Commision that makes up the 5 familes in NYC and they moved across the US to Cal. and true black gangs arnt really nothing big so agreed
  13. Website says the Italian Mafia wont return, but the Triads, Russian Mafyia, Irish Mob, and Yakuza will return... how gay is that?? And its based on Mexican Cartels and Black gangs will play a role? Gay
  14. Why not? In team based games in RDR you can have Rebeldes vs. American Army and such, then you are automatically given one of those character's models. What's to stop people from having a racist gang war? If they want to play honkys vs. spics vs. crackers that's up to them, R* can't really stop them. Viceman, you da bomb bro lol i like what you said
  15. how do you get "8+6+8=22" then say that equals "2012"? plus the "OS" on the wall is just from the vantage point you are and the light post is blocking out the 'L" other then that there is not full proof of an April release, im not doubting that the game wont come out in April, im actully preying for april so i can play... im just saying people are turning little things into somthing far parfeched The '05' you circled is actually an 'O' and an 'S' - two of the letter's that make up the word 'Los'. thank you! thats exactly what i just said
  16. you know they say this is the "BIGGEST GTA yet to come" yet who knows, they may not just be talking about the map size, they could be talking about the type of missions, the amount of random stuff to do, or even the amount of new features, for example.. i remember GTAIV had 94 missions, also i believe GTA SA had about 90 or so, maybe they mean that they will go into the 100's for missions maybe more then that. But they may actully be talking about the map size as well, from the looks of the 1st Trailer the city you saw in the background seems very large but i remember seeing some Pictures of GTAIV before it came out and the city also looked very large but turned out kinda small. who knows what we will see, and what is too come
  17. spanish? idk about that, he sounds more mid-westerner to me, defently a white guy talking, but he does have an accent of an Italian american, just not one for NY, we shall call him "old spanish\italian\american guy" for now lol
  18. Love it, San Andreas was amazing, Gambling, Horse-Race Betting, Billards, Bars, Swimming, Gyms, Car Mods, I literally had everything! Hope to see most of it come back
  19. i think tattos would be pretty cool again, of course we all want more clothes to pick from, i dont really care about hair styles or anything like that but wouldnt matter if they did add that in, i think the muscle/fat factor should play a role but really how can you get fat when your always runnin from the cops
  20. It was also on the vehicle that passed by showing the black dude putting up the sign. You have to pause it, it is only shown for about a quarter of a second. idk about that bro, it wasnt on the vehicle, that was still the curb from where u can see under the truck no?
  21. wow the 1st picture is fantastic, they are almost exact in everyway, props to R*, cant wait for the release of this amazing game!
  22. i believe that the map will be very large, maybe not as large as the original San Andreas as a whole but very close infact, too me LIberty City was big, yet so small at the same time, i think we may see a map that we may actully be able to get lost in lol