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  1. Hi! Are here any german members? Maybe we could get in contact and make our own crew for GTA V!
  2. I'm gon' blaze a big fat blunt after playing the first few missions
  3. I also think that they will release a DLC with extra Outfits, weapons, vehicles and so on. But since Undead Nightmare was so popular among the fans, it will be very likely that we'll be getting a similiar DLC. In General dlcs like that are very popular, some of you may have played the Far Cry 3 DLC Blood Dragon. I think it would be cool if they make an extra Island. There could be weed or cocaine plantations owned by cartel members. So you have to go to war with them and take over the plantations. Here they could introduce the new Feature of dealing with drugs. (In case it's not possible to do so as Trevor) In the Center of the Island should be a small City with a Casino or something else that is worth some heist Action. And to get back to Undead Nightmare: they should to a DLC with fucking Aliens and UFOs and shit like that. This would perfectly fit in, since we already had These UFO conspiracies in San Andreas. But maybe they only do a few extra missions for eacht Protagonist.
  4. How do you know?
  5. Amazon seems to have limited supply. the collector's edition was sold out on amazon germany. I pre-ordered mine from rockstar games
  6. In Franklin's trailer there were a few scenes from the jewelry heist getaway. In one shot you could see all three protagonists driving a sanchez. But in the next shot there was only Franklin on a sanchez and Michael was driving a truck with somebody else. This shows briliantly that there are so many different ways to complete a mission. But who is the other guy? Couldn't be Trevor because I don't think that he would get ouf the "Bugstar" outfit if the other two are still wearing them. So either Michael stole the truck and one passenger remained in there or there is a fourth guy on the job
  7. Maybe one of the protagonists is specialized in breaking safes etc. So there could be some exclusive side missions for that protagonist were you can help somebody to get out of the can. That would be really nice
  8. I think they will release a few screens in march and some time in spring the 3rd trailer. Or they'll maybe break the ice on the multiplayer.
  9. seems fake, but the guy could also be somebody like the truth
  10. GTA: San Andreas had a wide range of exotic vehicles like the jet pack, the go-kart, the hydra, the hovercraft,.... I really missed such special vehicles in GTA IV. So here are a few ideas of what kind of exotic vehicles coul appear in GTA V -a submarine -an ufo, combied with a conspiracy theory like the jet pack in san andreas -a flamethrower tank -a yacht like the one in gay tony -an osprey helicopter -mini vehicles like go-karts, pocket bikes... would be cool if you guys have a few more ideas which you can add to my list. and with a bit luck there might be a chance that one of our vehicles actually appears in GTA V