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  1. There are no women on the internet, just men pretending to be women. I thought everyone knew this.
  2. Chill out. It's a 9/10. Hardly a bad review.
  3. Looks like the first not so positive review : http://www.escapistmagazine.com/articles/view/editorials/reviews/10598-Grand-Theft-Auto-V-Review-People-Suck
  4. I work nights (normally 11:00 pm to 7:30 am) so really "staying up" for a midnight release to me really just means being awake all night like I normally am.
  5. Michael's wife looks like she is going to be the Skyler White of Grand Theft Auto...
  6. When I saw it was only a minute long I was worried, but that trailer was amazing.
  7. Am I crazy or was the voice at then end during the jewelry heist the same voice of who ever played Zero from San Andreas?
  8. I imagine it will be more in the style of the Max Payne 3 videos. More like a behind the scenes look at what they've done to make it great than a basic trailer of gameplay footage.
  9. Believe me there will be around 5 or 6 airports on gta 5 5 or 6 airports eh? and you know this because...?
  10. I wonder if the bullet wounds they are referring to are simply in game scars taken specifically from a mission. I just cant see Rockstar making scars for multiple bullet wounds. I don't want my character covered with that shit. Maybe if you visit the hospital they will cover up the wounds with a Band-aidâ„¢.
  11. "I tortured people, i killed people, and when i became bored, i ate people. I fled Liberty City with just my jacket, Vinewood is now my home." This is the single greatest thing I've seen on this site.
  12. Anybody watching the X-Box reveal?

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    2. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      is it a TV or a game system??

    3. Rayge


      Both, I think they are trying forcefully to merge them, like Windows 8 is trying to merge PCs with tablets

    4. Qdeathstar


      I would kinda like for it to be a cable box.... I use by Xbox for tv purposes almost.as much as my cable box...

  13. Anybody watching the X-Box reveal?

  14. I was secretly hoping that Franklin would be on the Ballas side of things. We've seen the Families in San Andreas, a new perspective would be refreshing.
  15. All fantastic movies. Will have to work my way through Dup's list of older heist movies over the summer. On a side note, Jason Statham... ...Highly recommend The Mechanic. It's not a heist movie, but an assassin revenge flick. He's done so many action movies, people might overlook this one as just another 'drive fast, shoot guns and take your shirt off' venture, but this one is well written, beautifully shot, and shows that he can act. I make a point of staying away from Statham movies for that reason.
  16. This might not be a popular answer, but what I would like to see is more episodic content starring Niko and/or Packie. I know Rockstar said they won't be in GTA 5, but maybe they will be in the DLC? Why else would they leave clues pointing to them both heading out west? It just seems silly to have made that cutscene, and that ticket for no reason.
  17. I'd love to be able to camp in the city too. Downtown Los Santos and you don't want to walk home? Step into a cardboard box on a street corner and sleep for six hours.
  18. I believe that you are right about Trevor jumping from the Jeep as being part of the heist, but I don't think the picture on the board has anything to do with it. Look closely and you can see the Bug Stars logo, as well as a couple pictures of diamonds. Clearly the board is set for the jewelry store heist.
  19. What I would like to see is four or five missions leading up to a heist that would be prep work. Stealing a get away car, taking a photo of a blue print etc. You wouldn't need to do all or any of the prep missions before the heist, but if you chose to skip them then things would go wrong, and the heist would be more difficult to complete. This way someone who put the work in and did the prep missions would see a much smoother (and maybe more profitable) heist, while people who wanted to rush in without the prep work would have to fight their way out resulting in a messier and harder job.
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