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  1. u loose it u must deal with it. Can you save your car in real life and when you crash it you then load it to your garage? Saints row is very silly and unrealistic game (didnt even play it cuz for me it is dumb) thats why u can do there stupid things. GTA is not life simulator and realism game but it have some common sense and I want it to be still that way. It would be good if there would be possibility to rebuild car if crashed, fire upon but not burned. I want to have my car not disappear if I leave it and turn away or run to far away from it. Also when missions start then car would not be swapped by some other car. If there will be need to drive other car for mission then my car would stay where I left it. If it is legally bought car and if stolen then I want possibility to call for police and they will find it in some time (possibility to find car would be not always possible cuz it may be already sold on parts. But cloning cars... no I dont want that kind of childish option in that game.
  2. none of them. I dont feel that I will have any immersion playing them. I will play them one at a time cuz I dont like this idea with swapping between them in any point.
  3. I hope that they will make lots of different stuff so everyone will find something for themselves. As a quick idea I would add playing pool for money not only with friends. Also other games should have gambling option to play with someone who want to play not only friends. It would be cool if there would be tournaments for example in tennis, pool, golf and player would have opportunity to play with differently skilled NPC in tournaments. That way it would be cool way to make money not only robing, stealing, heists and all other criminal acts.
  4. All that cars plus rest GTA cars would kill console performance. Not even half of that cars would be possible to load to that pathetic amount of ram that consoles have. If those money hungry companies like sony and microsoft would release next gen console already then it would be possible and fun to have all that cars to be in game. But as we know now that they still dont want to make next gen because they riping off money from people on that old technology which slowed down game development. I dont want to make fanboys angry and make another platform war. I am just mad that they are forcing everyone to wait to next big step in game industry and make games much much more advanced just because they want to sell out what they have in warehouses when present gen is still popular. I hope that in 2013 they will release news on next gen consoles and I hope that consoles will have at least 2GB of ram and then GTA6 will use lots of cars and then they would be loaded to memory without any problems. Then all people will be satisfied. I prefer modern cars but I would be happy to see also old muscle cars. But anyway I am not concerned about cars because anyway there is very big variety of cars but it is not so colorful in motorbikes. I would be happy to see more motorbikes. At least 10 sport bikes and 10 choppers would be cool. I am not someone who very much likes motorbikes cuz I prefer cars but it would be fun to have opportunity to drive wider variety of motorbikes. But as I mentioned, there is no problem in making them but problem is to make them work in game. When you have only 256 or 512 MB of ram u cant do magic in it and put as many things as we desire.
  5. I think that there will be some missions that involve gang activity. Franklins friend is somehow involved in gang. I hope there will be something like in GTA SA. And there will be some very dangerous places where if player will enter then it may be beaten and robed. Maybe player will have opportunity to steal some drugs and sell them or steal money from drug deals and that way he will be very disliked by gang and attacked more often.
  6. Talking about heli and bike realism? Then you forgot to mention that heli is childish u can smack it so many times against buildings and it still fly. Make it realistic and then casuals would cry that they cant fly helicopter because it is destroyed so fast and they will whine about it instead to admit that they just suck and hate difficult games cuz they are so simple and they want simple games so why make complicated realistic helicopter maneuvering if rest aspect of this helicopter is simplified as .... In that kind of game people want to have simple fun without using their brain to much. U mention bikes too and shooting from them but did u know that u can aim gun using right hand and still accelerate? Dumb and not realistic but 99% of players even not notice it. Why? Because it is ONLY game for them so it is like alternative reality and things dont need to work like their counterparts in real life. Anyone would want to have their own car handling, helicopter handling, bike handling ect. ect. but R* decide how to do it so at least 60% of players will be happy. So forget that they would make it as u want. I would want it my way too. I hope they will make game configurable in mods and everyone will make their own handling of cars, bikes, planes ect. I did that for GTA4. But not everything is so easy to mod... to bad. I only hope that this time they will make life easier for moders and that way everyone would make game as they want it to be with using moding tools.
  7. They said that customizing of character will not be possible because of character was pre made or something like this. Even if we must accept it it still not satisfying and they should still make something to make it possible and I see that this would be still possible. But only for 1 character. Michael is to old. Trevor dont looks like someone who would make interest in building muscle but Franklin would be perfect for being fat or muscular because he is repo man so for him it is important to be massive to defend himself or using force to take something away from people. If all of them would have opportunity to make missions if not making main quest missions that are their work. So as franklin player would have easier job if he will build more muscles with time. That way they would satisfy more gta fans. For those who very much liked CJ and GTASA it would be much more fun to play GTA5. From what I saw in trailer i think that there will be some gangs and at least few missions will be about gangs. Franklin friend looks like someone who is somehow involved in gang activities. I dont know if it is only cut scenes fault but I see that they changed car handling and car traction (in some scenes it looks very poor like this one when car falls from that truck). I hope that it will still have real feel and not some new but arcadeish feel. GTA4 was not great but was good in some parts of car handling. Only car physics sucked hard. Many cars had very bad center mass and there was possibility to rock cars so they get back on wheels. That was pathetic and I hope they will make realistic car physics this time.
  8. I bet that map will have lots of deserts, plain fields ect because of planes that will come back to GTA so they want to make lots of space to player to fly those planes. And thats the main reason why map will be bigger.
  9. Of course it'll be released today! What, you don't trust Rockstar to deliver? Remember that there was natural disaster that delayed trailer release? How u know that there will be no obstructions again lol.
  10. So... Today is the day... So well see if there will be something interesting showed in that trailer... If it will be released of course...
  11. I dont like disappearing cars too. But not only in missions they disappear. If I left car and go away they that car sometimes just disappear if I dont look at it. It is mainly caused because consoles suck and dont have enough ram (512mb) Port on pc is the same so PC advantage in ram dont help because it is set in game for all platforms. They are doing gta5 for old consoles so there will be the same problem with disappearing cars and people if player will turn away from them or go little to far. It sucks but what to do if those poor old crappy consoles are still used and next gen consoles are still not announced. Maybe in mid 2013 there will be some changes and those next gen consoles will finally come out then games will be more advanced but now we must suffer because of those old poor consoles.
  12. GTA is open world sandbox game so they must do as many cool stuff as possible in all aspects. As I discovered from newest info they will not do what I mentioned so I am disappointed. I thought that they will use all innovations from san andreas but they will not do it. Screw them and their console exclusive Im getting it torrented as soon as possible muahahahaha
  13. 2 out of 3 characters in gta 5 will be at mid 40 so what would be the problem in that age? Anyway I am sure that in missions or at least one some dude looking like CJ will be present just to make little blink for CJ fans lol Still everything is possible. All that discussion about characters in gta 5 makes me feel uncomfortable because I wanted to see full character creation on game beginning for those who like immersion and want to make themselves or just some character that they like. That way those who want to play as CJ they would make him. But in that case there would be some problem. Voice acting. But for me as I would make my own character there would be cool if they would make separate story. Character made by player would not necessary need voice. It would be like claude from gta 3. Silent protagonist. But instead they chose to make 3 characters. It is good but what I dont like is that there is option to switch between them at any time. For me it ruins immersion. Even if I would not use it there would be discomfort to know that I can transfer to another body like in movie "fallen" where azazel uses his powers to travel between bodies. For me it does not fit to GTA series and I strongly dont like this.
  14. I wonder if this weird Azazel like character switching will be available for example when character will be chased by police and almost killed by them then player switch to other character. What then will happen to that first guy... lol
  15. So article made me not excited about this game. They took almost all things that I hoped for. And this switching between characters just destroyed what I like in games which is immersion. Even if I cant customize character and I must play as some Nico or CJ I like to immerse into those characters. Ability to be like some Azazel like in movie with Denzel Washington just ruins this feel of immersion. I hoped that they will add character that will be 99% customizable that I can create and then customize him later at any time like it was made to CJ. So this game will be like hollywood action movie... just a movie... Anyway as PC gamer this game will be not be available for me and that is the most annoying thing. But f.... it Im no worry. If it will be available on ....... Ill download it and then just play it and see if I was right about my disappointment at all game or just that Azazel gameplay and no immersion.