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  1. I think they should add the ability to hide from cops in things and one random thing leads to the secret base. (When I mean things I mean trashcans, lockers, sewer drains, etc like in Bully)
  2. Greatest idea ever... THEY TEAM UP WITH THE MAKERS OF SIMS! OMG!
  3. I am what it says above this comment. The reason why I am on this site is to get a breath of fresh air since their is no info on GTA 5. I am pretty bad with punctuation so feel free to yell at me when I fail at it?
  4. In GTA 4 (IV- whatever) I did not like the fact that there was only one spot (that was easier to get to) in multiplayer to get helicopters because people always killed you before you got in one. You could go to other places to get helis but they were too difficult for me to find and get to. Does anyone agree with me? ( No other topics, already checked- thank you forum on "search before you post".)
  5. If you look up Los Angeles zoo and go to google maps you can see where it is; also they have just introduced a reptile and amphibian exhibit which adds to their vast inventory of animals.
  6. If they made the zoo here's some animal ideas.
  7. I think that there should be a new mode in multiplayer like cops vs. robbers. The robbers could rack up points by destroying and killing and the cops could get points for killing or arresting them. A circle would appear showing where the robber is. Feel free to change this but try to stay around this game mode. P.S. Add me on xbox so we can play GTA 5, my gamertags PRESTOisTHEWALL (I'm new to this site)