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  1. Pamela Geller for pres

    1. Grove


      Waka flocka for pres

    2. Ginginho


      Do you have to be a cunt to run for president?

    3. Brian


      Nah but I'm all for anti islamics

  2. Please don't tell me you're driving that thing around while it doesn't have insurance
  3. Nice to see you saved up and got a good camera, I know you wanted one for a while. Hope it brings many great pics.
  4. Brian

    Mobile Devices

    Used an HTC One also, never compared to the reliability of my iPhones.
  5. Brian

    Mobile Devices

    Oh I know it won't, but it's one of the things I find joy in aside from traveling which I can't do all the time so whatever. Anyway, overpriced or not, $400 doesn't break the bank.
  6. Brian

    Mobile Devices

    Well, it's my money, and I enjoy new gadgets. If being a douche is owning something you want, then we're all douches. I'm sure you spend your money in ways I would see as a waste, but I stopped giving a shit about a lot recently. Buying this would make me happy, something I've been having trouble with for a while. I know I could get a smart watch for less, but this goes perfectly with my phone, and the fitness tracking actually seems really nice as I have a hard time finding accurate measures for when I bike, hike, and kayak all summer and fall.
  7. Brian

    Mobile Devices

    I'm getting an Apple Watch whenever my next transfer clears through. It's $399, and if I want Apple Care+ it's $49 more. Should I get Apple care plus? Regular coverage: 1 year limited hardware warranty (2 years for Apple Watch Edition) 90 days of free technical support (2 years for Apple Watch Edition) If any part of the device fails during the first year, and it's not due to accidental or intentional damage, Apple will likewise replace it. So, if the digital crown stops spinning or the screen won't come on, you're covered. If you drop it and break it, or take it in the swimming pool and short it out, you're on your own. Unless you have AppleCare+. For an additional fee, AppleCare+ provides the following: 2 years limited hardware warranty (3 years for Apple Watch Edition) 2 years of free technical support (3 years for Apple Watch Edition) 2 incidents of accidental damage (subject to a service fee)
  8. Waka is now running for president

    1. Jizzy


      Is he old enough?

    2. CaPn bOnEs
    3. Massacre


      Better than Hillary.

  9. Can confirm, 12:36 on a Saturday night. Nothing better to do than pull at Gunsmith's leg.
  10. cops prefer the chicken shit stuff like this, you'd be surprised They enforce laws, don't make them. He should be ready to face the consequences if he does get caught anyway. Be it a fine for this small amount or jail time for a whole operation.
  11. Let's just hope it's under 200 grams, cause that's a 5th degree felony.
  12. I don't photograph people kids from 60 yards away, so when it comes to that subject, I wouldn't know.
  13. Yeah I'm sure you asked the mom from 60 yards away for permission.
  14. Man I feel weird holding my camera up in a crowd in Times Square, I can't even fathom photographing random kids purposely.
  15. Why are you taking pictures of young children.