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    Just think how in a few years this won't mean anything...
  2. Read the rest of that sentence...
  3. Two nights ago I got 3~ hours of sleep. Yesterday I took a two hour nap in the afternoon then slept another six hours or so that night. Since it's the weekend I'll likely sleep my usual 9-10 when I don't get woken up and see how I feel. Anyway, about fifth period yesterday this weird feeling kicked in. I don't feel like myself. I have slight memory problems (can't recall certain short term things as fast but can still remember them), concentration issues, and in general can't focus on certain things. My thoughts are normal though, speech is fine. When I cough my left ear hurts (this only happened today two times or so) for a few seconds. Without getting to personal I was urged to seek therapy which I am doing within the next week or so as I'm showing signs of depression and anxiety. Past few nights I've been pretty sad but I think it's due to the combination of being sleep deprived and I'm still distraught over ending things with that girl. Just wanted to see if sleep deprivation actually can contribute to these and if it's normal for this to carry on into today even after six or so hours of sleep (which usually doesn't make me tired during the day). I smoked weed about three times and vaped it twice and now I've stopped. Could stopping or just being new have anything to do with it? I don't plan to smoke for a long time again.
  4. 4chan the hacker? No way graffitigirl knows him.
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    Mobile Devices

    I consider a laptop to fall under "mobile device". Apple announced a new laptop called The New Macbook. It looks more like a Macbook Air quite honestly, but comes in three colors. Space gray, Silver, and gold (which looks pretty nice). Weighs 2 pounds and clocks in at 12 inches. It's 24% lighter than the 11-inch Macbook Air, measuring 13.1mm in thickness. Brand new keyboard design and each key is individually lighted by an LED. 2304 x 1440 Retina display. The touchpad also no linger clicks and has four force sensors in each corner with a "click feel" managed by software. It also includes a USB Type-C connector making it the first laptop to feature a reversible USB standard. 9 hour battery. It starts at $1,299 with 8GB Ram and 256GB flash based storage. 512GB will be $1,599. Apple Watch also releases April 24th.
  6. It's a state college, not community college, my mistake. They offer 1, 2, and 4 year degrees. I was going to go for the two year program and transfer as said. They have nearly 20,000 students and it's located on the coast. It isn't a no name college, and neither is the school I plan to transfer to. Part of the reason I'm choosing college is because I am eligible for many grants and as said, I will likely still do reserves which also may look pretty good on a resume. It brings in some extra money and good benefits compared to being a civilian in college.
  7. It's a community college, was attending there and then transferring to UCF probably. No dorms, but renting an apartment would be cheaper than room and board for an instate college, and honestly since this is only a community college it would cost the same out of state as it would in state here. The military would be nice, and I will likely join the reserves, but so many people have told me that you put yourself another 4 years behind those graduating high school, and once you leave the military college is another 2-4 years.
  8. So I scratched the idea about enlisting in the military out of high school because I got a good thing going with attending college in Florida with a few friends of mine who live down there and getting my own apartment. The biggest decision for me right now is choosing what to major in (still thinking of going the finance route) and whether or not I should stay in Florida or move back to New York. Financial managers in Florida make a nice salary, and the cost of living is cheaper down there as well as no income tax. However, average and starting salaries are much higher in New York. While I love living on LI and being so close to the city, there's too many people, cost of living seems to be too high for the salaries anyway, etc. I also love Florida and have friends and family there already. Any input?
  9. Well, moving is expensive as is, and like I said I'm moving out on my own in about a year. I really want the place touched up so I could have people over and stuff, but I know my mom doesn't care all that much about it.
  10. My mom is saying that to actually get this place really nice they'd have to gut the entire apartment out. The window sills have warped, nails are slightly protruding through the ceiling, etc. Really the biggest problem areas would be the kitchen and bathroom. We'll get those two done, but my mom is saying it's not worth doing the entire apartment cause I'll be moving into my own place in Florida in about a year and she might move out of here too. She also thinks we'll be charged, but we've been here for nearly seven years and don't own the place. Most of what needs to be fixed isn't our fault.
  11. Also how long would something like this probably take?
  12. More of a home improvement question and not any DIY stuff but: We need much of our apartment renovated. White walls have become discolored, wood floors are worn and scratched up, the kitchen tiles and oven need to be replaced and the bathroom could use a touch up too. We also need new AC units. When stuff like this is getting done, I assume you usually relocate for a few days?
  13. One interesting thing is that both hot chocolate and coffee tasted especially like water instead of what they usually taste like sober.
  14. I focus super hard on it. Someone told me to watch Diamonds by Yung Lean and it felt like an entire movie about how they had to escape the authorities since Thaiboy Digital was getting deported or some shit. The song is literally shit, but it was the most amazing and deep thing I heard last night. Although, last night was my last time (unless I'm with friends this summer, I'll see). When I started coming down I got on a huge nostalgic trip and everything i looked at or listened to reminded me of a memory or feeling from when I was little, then later on got super depressed over that girl I ended things with.
  15. Whoever said that doesn't know what they're talking about. Vapes concentrate the THC so if anything you're getting more high, however the type of feeling you get is completely different from smoking a joint or a bong. I find Vapes tend to allow more of a mellow high, you don't necessarily notice how high you are until you actual step back and think about it, or you sit on a comfortable piece of furniture. After a vape sesh, I sit around and tell myself "I feel fine" only to stand up, walk out of the room and realize that it just fucking took me 10 minutes to shimmy 15ft. Nice alizee is nice i like her
  16. Drunk drivers here have been charged with murder and sentenced to 20 years or more.
  17. No, I'm not saying that smoking is okay because I don't drink. I'm saying that I could easily drink instead of smoke and whether you're for or against pot alcohol is far more dangerous in short term use. My point is, I'm spending my money how I like on something that's gained sweeping support and attention from both the medical and recreational use community. If I'm gonna use it now and again what's wrong with that? All I did last night was laugh, eat, and watch YouTube videos/listen to music. How does this compare at all?
  18. It's a poor one though. Alcohol is fine in moderation, I think weed is too. I've been thinking anyway, I may just get rid of most of what I have and when I'm done that'll be it for a while. I don't want to spend the money on it in the long run. Mooching off friends? Nah, will just share on special occasions. That's it.
  19. Alcohol is a drug, I'm just saying I could easily spend my money on alcohol and get wasted all the time. You can't compare hard drugs to either alcohol or weed either. And if I do buy one piece or just a vape, it's an investment into one thing I plan to use for a while.
  20. If I smoke it once in a while when I don't have school (snow storm for example) or enjoy it with friends that doesn't mean I'm devoting my life to it. Really, it's like saying you're going to have a couple beers one night in that context. I don't drink anyway, so I feel this is at least a safer alternative.