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  1. I think he means vigilante missions like in an Andreas or something
  2. Well look at that! Please read the OP and comment post #129.
  3. Please add Amir Ariff of to the list for his article as to how GTA 5 will be delayed due to Bioshock Infinitie's release being this year and his shit grammar. Example A.
  4. I would prefer to keep it third person, snipers and whatever don't count, guess I was kinda rude. However imagine a view that you get in a car and instead of having a "dash cam" you can view the whole interior, or you could include both. Also a players choice thing would take a whole new scripting and Rockstar is probably just finishing up and focusing on bugs and marketing and lastly GTA is mainly third person.
  5. I love GTA like a first born child, but I did not appreciate the missions in GTA IV where you had to follow people to an "undisclosed location". I mean ask yourself this, what's more stupid, leaving two cars worth of space between you and the person being perused, including stop lights (pretty fucking obvious), or acting normal. All i know is if i have to do anymore "follow the crack head! " i'm gonna just shoot the fucker
  6. Go play that shit series call of duty if you want first person
  7. I was fine with the whiz phone, wouldn't be bad if you got it right away like TBOGT, then maybe upgrade to an iphone style phone? As long as I can get to my cheats quickly i'm fine with whatever.
  8. What about that whole witness thing with RDR? Opinions on that?
  9. It's a stupid idea because if the game is as big as we think it is and if the graphics are as good is it seems, then R* would not waste the extra money to pay people to put in the same exact game mode with cars having totally different scripts, it would put to much on the disc and it would take to much time to do instead of adding good features and polishing the game up. Plus it just sounds stupid "Free Roam"/"Free Roam with realistic car crashes" "TDM"/"TDM with realistic crashes" Just isn't necessary and isn't worth the waste, we had to deal with peds blowing up and crashing into you half the time anyway and it was hard enough noobs crashed into you and spawn trapped you, finally get a car only to have it crushed? No You wanna have multiple dics to hold all the information or to waste all that extra time and money then go make your own game with "THE OPTION TO TURN ON HOW CARS CRASH " Just like our Admin Duffman stated it would make no sense you idiot
  10. Having multiple game modes or an option to turn on/off the way cars crash is possibly the stupidest idea ever my reaction? V
  11. imagine if you have a wife in the game and if you rent a hooker she tried to kill you yeah... bitches be crazy
  12. Raising hell with a never wanted cheat? Yeah I want that one...
  13. This is the thing, I can understand police with body armor, maybe a little stronger protection, but I don't want to be down with tear gas and riot gear, it's too realistic and would take away from the fun of fucking around with cops for me.
  14. So with the assumption of dogs and multiple rumors that circulated, would you like to see more realistic cops? This includes K-9, battering rams, and being more intelligent over all Sure K-9 would be cool but I don't want a too realistic police AI, and although the cops in GTA 4 were retarded as hell, it was good enough for me
  15. That is true, but I would like to see more options of clothing you can wear, especially for those in clans.
  16. So this is my first topic here on the forums. Basically it has to do with the clothing you unlock in multiplayer. We all know that the ranking system was pretty cool and theycan still include it, but I would like to see more options as to when it comes to clothing options. The idea is that Rockstar could have a section both on Xbox marketplace and Playstation store that you can buy clothing for your multiplayer character in packs and it would cost Microsoft points (around 240 a per pack) or PS money. The clothes would range in all types to fit players preferences and Rockstar would make money off of it too (maybe this would encourage them). Clothing could range from suits, gang clothing, casual clothing, accessories, police and military clothing (similar to Saint Rows in their Lets Pretend store) and much more. If the idea of using actual money to pay doesn't suit you could also have money that you earn in multiplayer then customize your multiplayer character using that, or the clothing you use in singlpelayer could be interconnected to multiplayer? Let me know your thoughts and ideas!