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  1. cops prefer the chicken shit stuff like this, you'd be surprised They enforce laws, don't make them. He should be ready to face the consequences if he does get caught anyway. Be it a fine for this small amount or jail time for a whole operation.
  2. Let's just hope it's under 200 grams, cause that's a 5th degree felony.
  3. I don't photograph people kids from 60 yards away, so when it comes to that subject, I wouldn't know.
  4. Yeah I'm sure you asked the mom from 60 yards away for permission.
  5. Man I feel weird holding my camera up in a crowd in Times Square, I can't even fathom photographing random kids purposely.
  6. Why are you taking pictures of young children.
  7. We put a deposit down on a 2014 2LTZ Chevy Impala today. It's Ashton Gray with Jet Black leather interior and brown trim, navigation, and a full sunroof. Fully loaded and one of the last 2014's on the lot. We were going to go with the 2015 but we got $8k off this after negotiating. If we go through with it we'll take it within the next week or so paid off. It'll be a nice upgrade from the 2000 Impala, and I can't wait to get some pics of it with our '64 Impala.
  8. A still from my time lapse on my GoPro Hero 4 Silver at the Kings Park Psychiatric Center yesterday
  9. Yeah, I lift at least three times a week. I noticed when lifting last week I couldn't do as much though all the sudden which was very odd.
  10. It's a lot to write and a lot of it is personal, my counselor at school is asking me to go to a therapist because him along with the school social worker say I show signs of depression and anxiety, body dysmorphia, and it would likely benefit me. I've lost all my motivation in school and this always being tired thing is getting old. Also, life doesn't feel real in a way if that makes sense, like I know it's happening but memories don't seem real and everything just passes. Plus the past few months have gone be extremely fast for me.
  11. Lately I've been feeling a lot more depressed than usual, we're still making an appointment for therapy but it's affecting my everyday life at this point. I cut school at least one or two days a week, part of it is social anxiety I get and part of it is the fact I can't make it through a full day without feeling exhausted. At this point I am always tired whether I get three hours sleep or nine. I don't know what do to anymore.
  12. Brian

    XBOX One

    Got a tank kill on a helicopter today
  13. It's just my right forearm, and I don't alternate grip.
  14. Been lifting on and off for the past two years with football, been more consistent since October. I always did it with the reverse grip as pictured. It's a 10 pound difference that I feel it.
  15. When I dead lift 215 I have no problem but when I dead lift 225 my grip loosens and I feel it in my forearms. My gym teacher said I could even pop something. Any input?
  16. Saturday I slept 9~ hours and felt normal after that. I'll do my best not to touch the stuff until after I'm done growing. I know that's about 25 years old. Hopefully more studies come out in the coming years too as it gains sweeping support for legalization here.