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  1. That's awesome, we've got a 60" curved and it's nice, but my grandfather commented how bigger wouldn't have hurt any after setting it up
  2. Two episodes into the third season which released today. The way they have decided to start off his was not what I expected, and I really like what they're doing to develop the .
  3. I'm down to try it if this bill makes it here, if not I'll just be on my merry pot-free way for now.
  4. Now legal in Alaska, and a bill is moving up in New York right now.
  5. Look into intermittent fasting.
  6. Why doesn't it have its own topic?
  7. Traps is totally normal, chest is odd, lower back is dangerous and you should take care of your form. Chest could have been from other stuff and I just noticed it after the deadlift. I read on a lot of places lower back is okay. Like I said, no pain, just a little bit of soreness.
  8. I've noticed after dead lifting the soreness from lifting is in my lower back, traps, and upper chest. Not that I mind this, but is it normal to feel it in the traps and chest a bit?
  9. All the salt and dirt from snow plows putting it down for ice really makes keeping any car here clean impossible
  10. Scored some LED light strips. Purple and Pink for when the ladies come over for some Netflix and an LED bulb, which I'm using as an underglow for my desk. Excuse my poor wire management.
  11. So my car was finally fixed today after three weeks. They couldn't find anything until yesterday when it wouldn't start. Biggest issue was the fuel pump which was replaced with a Ford part, the oil filter had a leak so they did a filter change and oil change, and the bottom radiator hose was rubbing on the front stabilizer bar. My uncle owns the shop so looks like I won't be going back to Firestone (they put my new hoses in).
  12. Pilot episode is free on iTunes. I enjoyed it so anyone who wants to check it out could go and see the first episode for free at least.
  13. Cutting is honestly really easy. Stick to a mostly high protein diet for best results. Eat a lot of fish and chicken, avacado is good for fats, and eat a fruit or something for carbs. This is what I did. Ate around 5 chicken breast, 2 avacados, and some fruit daily. Have one day set where you'll eat a little more in the carb area. Should work fine. Once in a while throw in some red meat.
  14. I don't like Asian cars to be honest. Won't deny they last forever but I'd much rather own domestic or European. Also it is. Insuring my Mustang is $5k a year, just finished drivers Ed and defensive driving so it's dropping to $3k. Not sure how different an Audi would be. Can't see the chart on mobile but thank you anyway CFO.
  15. So you think a 2005 A4 would be expensive to insure?
  16. I'm so lost with what I'd do if I have to replace.