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  1. Yeah tenpenny tops my list, felt good killin that fuck. Agreed
  2. Ok I have 4/10 nations so far. Also you do attack each other. I'm putting a yellow circle where your capital will be. You state your move once I post the map with all the nations (which you guys have made up yourselves). You can say I attack The Warlord Empire for example and what you'll do is move into their territory. Based on size you can move into more. If it's a nation with 1-3 areas you move into one section and that person can not fight back but they can expand into another area. Once you claim two of their original territories then the person defending can fight one of those back. Someone who owns 3-6 you can move into 2 and the defender can strike back and so on. I'll put a list under saying how much you can claim when you move into a territory. Also if a capital is captured then that nation no longer exists and whoever took it owns all the territory that was previously owned by the fallen nation. Make sure you guys use diplomacy and form alliances too to help each other if someone is attacked. Defender's territories - Attacker can take 1-3 - 1 territory 4-6 - 2 territories 7-10 - 3 territories 10+ - 3 territories
  3. Yes it's your own, just tell me the general direction of your you'd like to start country Mine will be Republic of Svierland starting in lower Sweden and Denmark
  4. What happened to the front page o.0

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      Testing some stuff for a few days. Why? Don't like it?

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      Oh ok and yeah I don't know I guess I just like the old font over the new one

  5. So let's play a game of risk. Rules are simple. Read them next to the photo. When all 10 nations are named, state your move and I will post a picture each time. When I post the picture that is the end of one round. There is only one move per nation per round so choose wisely and don't spam or you'll be reported.
  6. I don't want a boss style antagonist that orders around everyone. I want the antagonist to have a purpose. Hard life, you can feel for his pain although he's the bad guy. Maybe his hard life led him to what he is. It would make the story interesting.
  7. I would like more cheats similar to San Andreas. IV needed more cheats. If you don't like cheats don't use them, end of story.
  8. R* probably spent much time touching up and building on the game, as well as coming up with marketing strategies and trailers. Probably even though on which and how much information they'll release these months coming up. I'm expecting a lot from R* and I can't wait to see what they bring.
  9. Brian

    Call of Duty

    I think if they went to other wars like WWI or even the revolutionary war (guns wouldn't take 15 minutes to reload though maybe like 10 or 15 seconds) and they improved graphics and quality of the game or hell just make a new enemy besides the fucking Russians for once
  10. I have a feeling it'll be October. If it comes out in October it will be about the same amount of time it took IV to come out
  11. A little more than a month until I fly to Florida, very excited for the flight

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      CaPn bOnEs

      it's 90 degrees out where i am... it's hot as balls out...

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  12. Same I try to play it but I get turned off by the graphics, but it will always hold a special place in my heart lol
  13. The killstreaks weren't so bad, but the rest, I definitely agree with!! You're fucking stupid there are no kill streaks in GTA
  15. Wifi fueled by dog excretion, the more the poop, the longer the wifi. Clean your dogs shit guys
  16. I don't know if you guys heard (doubt you had fucking media) Mitt Romney is coming under investigation for two felonies. One is he handed out sub sandwiches in MN, which by Wisconsin state law is a Felony (to hand out goods on voting day, basically considered bribing). Also it is believed him and his son Tagg were involved in a huge ponzi scheme. In June when he is tried his ability to run for GOP will end, leaving Ron Paul a big opening for president.
  17. Right so we have to switch discs more then we most likely will have to already... dude shut up
  18. I doubt it will be late next year, at the latest Q2 next year, earliest Q4 this year.
  19. YOU FUCKING GENIUS WHERE DID YOU GET TIS INFO HAXORJEH'WIOGBEQ;GH;OFL In all seriousness, the game isn't even out nor is there any info besides one trailer and the crews... i could give two damns about DLC's at the moment