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  1. Right so we have to switch discs more then we most likely will have to already... dude shut up
  2. I doubt it will be late next year, at the latest Q2 next year, earliest Q4 this year.
  3. YOU FUCKING GENIUS WHERE DID YOU GET TIS INFO HAXORJEH'WIOGBEQ;GH;OFL In all seriousness, the game isn't even out nor is there any info besides one trailer and the crews... i could give two damns about DLC's at the moment
  4. Does this article have anything to do with what Caolin made another topic about recently? Just curious because I couldn't tell due to the shittiness of the OP in his OMG LEAKED VEHICLES topic. Yeah there was a topic like this made by Caolan where he posted the whole entire script instead of an article leading to it, but it was locked. Also there have been times when in games like Bully there were cracks showing vehicles for other GTA's and other R* games. It defiantly is not the full list if it is real. It could however give clues to the types of vehicles in GTA. We'll just have to wait and see.
  5. I do NOT want to be pulled over for speeding and have to pay a ticket...
  6. The only reason why I read shit topics is because noobs like you are the only ones who really post at the moment and they all usually suck. I mean if you did a better job at actually thinking before posting and contributing something, then everyone would be fine. However you keep on posting stuff that everyone knows/no one cares about.
  7. I'd also like you to add Caolan McGarry for posting topics that make no sense and having shit for brains Examples:
  8. I am a pain in the hole when it comes to idiotic people like you. Stop making topics, read around the forums, look at the shit list, and then grow a fucking brain. Then we'll accept you posting.
  9. I prefer 360 over PS3 although I own both. I own GTA IV for both and I like 360 better due to it's online was better. I mostly play private free modes anyway so I never had problems with modders very often. Although it pisses me off when they are invincible, use speed, etc. Both consoles are amazing though. I just hate the fact I'd have to switch discs (if that is even real).
  10. Brian

    WiFi Hotspot

    Come to think of it, I cant remember the last time I saw an actual payphone anywhere o_O Im sure theyre still around, but I dont think theres many left Only time I see them are in school (like one) and in some stores or in front of stores
  11. Caolan your annoying shut up the internet is the internet you can't back yourself up with articles like these cause the websites write bullshit articles putting in false facts to get people stupid enough like you to believe it and spread around the article. Read the shit list
  12. Brian

    WiFi Hotspot

    Guess it's a cool idea. I like the phone booths, however in the US we don't use phone booths, just pay phone areas, and those are rarely used anymore.
  13. I didn't want to report them all so I just asked to go back on topic, a lot easier and simpler and no nukes, send in military, choppers, harriers etc. Also would you like to see civilians try to bring you down if you use an explosive in gta 4 or should it just be left to the cops?
  14. A true New Yorker will not root for any team in New England lol
  15. I'm more excited about the surrounding countryside according to R* then the city
  16. San Andreas had amazing gameplay and a great story, but I love IV too
  17. I dislike you and I really don't know why... Edit: No now I know why, whenever you post your topics generally consist of false facts and pre assumed topics. this would make a good discussion, however the fails you create all the time ruin it.
  18. New York Giants all the way, born a die hard giants fan and will die one
  19. Defiantly, just to add though I really want to see police dogs! hey motherfucker, get a new fucking profile picture Oh shit