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  1. Looking to install a limited slip differential in my car to get power down to both rear wheels. I know nothing about this though, so would like some help. Exactly what needs to be replaced on a 3.8L V6 Mustang? I have a 7.5 rear end in my car.
  2. All I do is take pictures and try to make my car a little more custom. Joined a club, I attend charity rallies, and I like to bring my car to shows. Don't really think I'll become a dickhead.
  3. Cutting the next few months before winter comes. Grilled chicken, eggs, and beans all day every day...
  4. Every morning for a few weeks when I wake up my eyes are crusty and a little sticky I guess for a few minutes till I actually wake up and rub them. No pain, redness, swelling, etc. Just noticed what I said. Any idea/fix?
  5. Yeah, maybe it's that every other company does it now too?
  6. Got no love for my rolling shot in the picture topic
  7. One of my favorite rolling shots from earlier this summer
  8. I love the cobra style. I really like my model vehicle without a spoiler but it also always feels like something is missing, so the cobra style spoiler is perfect for that, but they're no longer sold to the best of my knowledge. So I guess I'll go with something like a GT spoiler. With the exhaust, I want to get a deep throaty sound as best as I can for a V6, which I think requires changing the headers aside from a dual exhaust system Here are better before and after pics showing the entire body
  9. Exhaust, spoiler, wheels in order
  10. Just some screenshots of the new OS for anyone who would like to see Start menu
  11. It usually happens when certain wavelengths can't reach through to the sensor or are focused at different angles. How to prevent it via camera: Try not to put yourself into high contrast situations (objects against a bright background). Tone down your aperture. Don't use your lens or adapter to the max it can go, most photos are said to be best in the middle. If you have a 70-200mm lens, 135mm will give better results than 200mm. Super zoom lenses aren't the greatest of lenses, go for a prime lens. You can also find tutorials for fixing it via photoshop or other software online.
  12. I'd sit on it Congrats on finding something you enjoy doing each day, it must be freeing finally finding something like that. It's a great trade too. Hope it works out for you. Post the finished results.
  13. Brian

    XBOX One

    Free backwards compatibility. Any games owned on 360 will be available for you on the expanding list of games you can play on your Xbox One. I'm just excited to play Skyrim and GTA IV again.
  14. Thanks man, nothing better than being in the right place at the right time. I wish I had my camera last night. The moon was orange with Venus and Jupiter in clear view right next to it.
  15. Brian

    Mobile Devices

    The first phone making me want to switch away from Apple...
  16. I'll find out and post soon
  17. Sounds great! I don't know exactly how they do it, but there's a place here that makes the best blueberry pie I've ever had. It was the blueberry filling but also a whipped cream type filling. It has a different taste than usual whipped cream though. My grandma gets it for my birthday each year. Either that or blueberry crumb would have to be my absolute favorite type of pie. Never had anything else that matched it.