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  1. I laso realised that I haven't made a topic in a Year...

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    2. Edgecrusher


      I imagined you lassoing wild horses while thinking about creating a topic... Now your update is just full of meh.

    3. ViceMan


      I also imagined you riding a horse naked, swinging your penis like a lasso while shouting "yee-haw!" in an effeminate yet husky voice.

    4. Brian




         \( ͡ ° ͜ʖ ͡° )

          > ⌒ヽ

         /   へ\

         /  / \\

         レ ノ   ヽ_つ

        / /

        / /|

       ( (ヽ

       | |、\

       | 丿 \ ⌒)

       | |  ) /

      `ノ )  Lノ


      You can't fight the swag

  2. I'm back bitches...maybe

  3. If that hits manhattan dead on, it will be fucked.
  4. I would like to see a normal lawn mower (not ride on) just so you could walk down the street and mow everyone down, and a ride on mower as well........pulling up on an intersection with a pink mower next to an infernus
  5. I see what you did there vice....

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    2. danz0r


      I know! Everyone has to pitch in and donate some penises to my bank! Think of it like donating for hungry children in africa, instead of money, its penises and like the charities it does not manage to reach them either.

    3. ViceMan


      We will endeavour to get penises to your rectum ASAP!

    4. danz0r


      Thank you, I appreciate all the help that you give my rectum. I will make a public thank you towards you, also I will send you 25 fully trained and only slightly wild african child free of charge, usually I make a bundle of 25 for a dollar or 5 cents per.

  6. I drive a stock 2006 Audi S3 but I have want to buy a Buick GNX but fucking european fuel prices are fucking it all up ...
  7. danz0r

    Mobile Devices

    I'm more then contempt with my samsung galaxy s2 and if I was to change it, I would go for another samsung or HTC. I had an iphone before and it was just terrible was not useful to me at all. That is just my opinion....anyway I might however buy one of those new ipod touches with the coloured background as my 3rd gen beast is on its last weeks of life
  8. Masta ace, every other day, good ol love, acknowledge and dont understand also ice cube it was a good day, why we thugs and gangsta rap made me do it
  9. Gangs outside of prisons are rare...very rare especially in LA. If you went to the bad side of Detroit you might see some but thats it. I doubt GTA 5 will have many gangs, more mafia.
  10. Definitely a comet for me And I don't think it's a stadium, maybe some kind of large factory MMM Maybe I hope it isnt though, I don't want to see gta 4 models reused.....also the last car with what people think is called fordge, might be a version of the ford gt, it matches with the name and it sort of matches with the back of the car.
  11. I was playing basketball and I smashed my finger and cracked the skin underneath the nail and its like a bit bloody and hurts like a bitch. do you guys know what I can do to sooth the pain? (the part the blood is under is the part where you clip your nail)

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    2. Rayge


      I heard chopping your fingers off with a blunt kitchen knife will stop any feeling whatsoever going to them again.

    3. narcolepsy


      Your nail may begin to go black. Basically the nail needs to come off, but for instant relief, heat a needle and press it to the nail and you should feel relief. The needle needs to be hot as fuck so do it with a stove and hold the needle with something that isnt your bare finger.

    4. danz0r


      Actually I went to sleep yesterday and when I woke up today all the blood just disappeared only dry skin was left....

  12. The beginning of the olympics was terrible, I hated it. When the queen was jumping I was hoping her parachute wouldnt open . Anyway even the olympic committee admitted it was a mistake. The olympics failed miserably.
  13. Oh god I haven't been on here in ages, anyone miss me?

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    2. ViceMan


      Ooooooh... I smell a Massacre approaching.

  14. It would not ruin the game for me a lot but I would be disappointed if the multiplayer is like the one gta 4, I would like to have something like samp for multiplayer at least for the pc version.
  15. Everytime I come on here and read the shitty noob topics posted in gta 5 discussion. I want gta 5 to come out later and later just to see this noobs rage.

    1. Massacre


      A longer wait just means more noob topics.

    2. Brian


      and less fun for us :(

    3. danz0r


      Very true, you speak words of wisdom massacre

  16. Am I the only one who is waiting for the price of max payne to come down?

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    2. Firm


      I rarely buy games. I only own titles by Rockstar and a couple of cod games. Luckily my brother is big gamer who pretty owns ever 360 game. I useally borrow them off him.

    3. danz0r


      I buy games from titles that are known to be good or fun or that I enjoy, if they don't fit that category I don't buy them and if I do want to see what the game is about or how fun it is, I will just go and look it up on youtube

    4. gtagrl


      My local rental place doesn't have it in yet. :(

  17. Spelled it wrong its 'Burrito'
  18. I would like to be able to sneak up to a pedestrian and break their neck without getting caught
  19. I really want to see the 1980's photos because I know how bad it was in the 70s and 80s but theres only a small amount of pictures of NYC in the 80s. I find it interesting at how a city that was falling apart turned out like it is now.
  20. I want user track radio thing, I like listening to my own music while playing gta
  21. Is it bad that I have the urge to check on iGTA5 constantly.

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    2. jobo


      Chicken and watermelon

    3. ConQueSteD


      Listen guys, My penis isn't going to suck its self.

    4. ViceMan


      Here, let me try this rusty hacksaw.

  22. Is it bad that I have the urge to constantly check on gta 5....