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  1. I've been so bored waiting for this game, that I've been driving around San Andreas on PS3 and imagining what Gta 5 will look like compared to it...I wish it was early April :'(
  2. Those SUV police cars look nice, someone should update those onto the" Gta 5 Vehicles " on the main page..Only one car is listed for the Police section, and thats the cruiser EDIT: Never mind it's already updated!!
  3. R*..Please fix the insane driving of the emergency services, I mean common..A ambulance killing 10 people and crashing into 10 cars just to get to you..
  4. I want to go up to a person and talk to him, even if it's like 3 words, " Hey!", "Fuck You" start a fight
  5. I want a monster truck, hopefully there will be one at Trevor's house, if not I guess I'll stick to the Bandito
  6. for me it seems like Michael is Tommy from Vice City, Franklin is CJ from San Andreas, and Trevor is Niko from Gta ..
  7. Go out into the country side and enjoy the view in my Bodhi (Jeep Wrangler)
  8. Emergency Accident, examples, car crashes, robberies, fires, gang fights etc.
  9. Idk if this goes under this topic, but in a car, maybe you can make turn signals.
  10. Can't wake to go underwater in that fucking yellow bumblebee shit, and then get out and get freeked by the sharks, oh my oh my...It seems like there is just no more to add to the game
  11. I hope when there is a storm the water level rise and becomes crazy splashing and making huge waves, It would be beach partayy for mee!
  12. Anyone know the exact date? I heard a lot about April 11th.. :faplight: :faplight: :faplight:
  13. Sounds like Hitman Absolution lol that is hitman absolution, they might get fined for stealing an idea, just sayin... Then just make the costumes available in the places where people would have them like in a Police Station have a police outfit inside the building, in a Firehouse have a fireman costume and so on...
  14. And then even more epic would be to see a police chase throughout the city
  15. I wish you can kill anyone, drag them into somewhere dark, and put on their clothes, Anyone, even a cop, fireman, paramedic, anyone
  16. I'm sure they will fix that, and plus a lot of people want realism, and the cars look good, so that a win win
  17. I want a undercover Crown Victoria, and Chevy Tahoe Undercover..oh and a Tank..Can't forget those!