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  1. The previews mention the organic AI system which makes me think of what they did with Westworld. Gave every single robot it's own narrative and you can chose to go and join them or watch them go through the motions of their daily cycles.
  2. Yep, no denying the map was a leak. Could have changed a bit since then but at least we know it's not a fake now.
  3. Enjoying the only bit of sunshine we'll probably have all year!
  4. So what would we say this DLC theme is, Special Agents?
  5. So i've been playing this in PS VR... Honestly feels like next level shit! Everything feels bigger, and obviously it feels like you are in the world rather than watching in on a screen. And the independent hand movement for weapons and magic is something else too. If this is just the start of what is to come, next gen VR with next gen Elderscrolls running at 4k per eye will be mind blowing!
  6. Well that's one way to cut on production costs... Kill the only CG character...
  7. Firstly and foremost, This isn't my main map, and i will still be working on that based purely on visuals not leaks. But i decided however, to create a version of the leaked map to see how our own findings match up to it, as well as to make a clean version to see properly the landmass and water without all the mess of land territory zones etc. So, in theory, this is how much of the map we have seen from the trailers and screenshots, not including the odd shots which haven't been established (town, etc.) Full Size: https://i.imgur.com/12t26XA.jpg And this is the map's landmass as a whole... Full Size: https://i.imgur.com/M9THLXi.jpg Original:
  8. i always put a huge DUPZOR text watermark across the entire image at 1% opacity. So if i take it i to photoshop i can ramp the contrast up and see it bright as day.
  9. That's cool. We can keep adding to it there is so much information there on that landscape shot. Also, i realised the leaked map has obvious square quadrant grid-lines, which were stretched out of perspective. So the map wasn't entirely accurate. I've straightened the image to make the grid square again, making the map 99% accurate, even if it's real or not.
  10. I've had a bit of free time to study the terrain of the "leak" and believe that it is so close to the real thing that i'm pretty much convinced it's real at this stage. Even if it was an early version of the final map, everything just sits right with the trailers and images we've had so far... This is my slightly more detailed look at the rock structures, and land formations.
  11. Again, that matches up with the leaked map. Even if it was an early build, it hasn't changed much...
  12. Ignoring the leak and focusing on the geography for a second: That lake fills a nice empty void.
  13. It says Cornwall down the side of the train, and there is a location on the Map on a train line called cornwall... Either R* are going out of their way to satire leaks... (which they probably would do :lol:) OR the fake is more real than we first thought.
  14. Exactly. Downer's Ranch for instance, that could be a little ranch on top of that plateau, hidden by the trees. It's hard to see any small details like that, but the geography matches up pretty well.
  15. Yeah they sure look like it. Which also makes me believe the leaked map could well be real, or an early build at least. I've always been on the fence with the leaked map. But this lake is convincing. Quickly changing the perspective of the leaked lake in Photoshop, it slots in with the real lake fairly accurately...
  16. New angle for Grizzly. Also, that huge river in the main establishing shot looks awfully close to the "leaked map" river and geography...
  17. Story Trailer... Thought it would be. A bit vague atm, more like introducing characters, but at least we have something from it. The game is looking even more beautiful too!
  18. Spring 2018 still stands! Time to pick this shit apart!
  19. Hmm... So wat u fink, delay to Fall 2018 / Screenshots?