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  1. Im dressing as Zakk Wylde. I made an outfit for him. I love that Sleeping Dogs outfit. Still shame about the beardlessness and lack of long hairstyles in GTAO...
  2. I've never played with PALs, didnt know you made Slash. He was the first iconic Rockstar that came to mind. And Rock night has been on the cards before PALs even existed... ? I thought I'd make a KISS character as backup, Slash is overrated anyway lol We need a full Kiss band, that was the main reason we wanted to do this night way back.
  3. Nice shot man. Been looking forward to rock night for fuckin ages lol. I'm still pissed there isn't any real beards, that would be complimentary. I finally got a week off work for the first time in ages. Just need to re-adjust to a normal sleeping pattern, and i'll be on GTAO late this week, so i might see some of you online.
  4. It's probably just because the game is old now and we have to try harder to enjoy ourselves is all. I think theme night brings more people in, lowrider night proved that. Can we get Rock Night in the lineup, that's been a long time waiting...?
  5. Now that the stunt props are available in the normal creator, i may be able to go back and put floors in some of the interiors that weren't solid. I could possible build them up a bit using the advanced prop placement tool now... ? Watch this space.
  6. lol i know that now, that's a three year old post from ps3 days. Thanks anyway ?
  7. lol Nice shots DiO. And yeah I did change my appearance slightly, suprised you noticed.
  8. I can't do Mondays. I joined in early last night, but that was a one off.
  9. That new adversary was fun. I hope they add thise power-ups to the creator, but that's wishful thinking...
  10. Got a new camera, decided the first thing i'll do is be childish with it ?
  11. R* have been careful not to speak to soon for this one. I think this has been in development since GTA V was released, probably even began before that... They've stayed really quiet for a few years about any new games, which is telling me that they've just kept their heads down on the project. I think there will be a minor delay, but we'll see it by the end of the year, latest Spring 2018.
  12. I've been waiting for the sales all this time. I finally snagged myself an EOS M10 with a 15-45mm lens in the boxing day sales for only £200. Super bargain! Might treat myself to another lens!!
  13. Anyone catch the new extra episodes this month? Wasn't expecting there to be an extented season.at all, thought we were gonna have to wait until next year for the next season. These new episodes are going pretty interestingly.
  14. I'm working every night til Christmas. Wish i could have been there. ? Are we doing Christmas theme next week too if anyone is able to attend?
  15. DuPz0r

    GTAO DLC Topic

    looks like we need to revisit apocalypse night again soon with vehicles like that!
  16. Sorry i didn't make it. Been doing tons of overtime at work before Christmas, keep falling asleep just before crew night.
  17. I watch the show. Just not that much worth talking about so far. I do like the concept. And the mysterious "maze" story has got me watching every week. I liked the recent AI twist, didn't expect it. And yet another big budget tv series with Ogg in it... Can't get away from Trevor Philips!
  18. Amazing shots everyone! You guys captured some nice shots of everyones jobs, really shows off the details and hardwork put into them. Apocalypse Night successful.
  19. DuPz0r

    GTAO DLC Topic

    This car was designed for Blackhole!
  20. I know it's a bit late, and we have a ton of content already this week. But i decided to make the "Eboladrome" test track from The Grand Tour. Maybe we can chuck it in a second playlist or something. Or maybe since we have the numbers again this week, we should do a long playlists, old skool style?! DUP-Eboladrome GT http://rsg.ms/d3eb9c7
  21. Seeing as it's apocalypse night, i decided to tweak some old jobs i made. DUP-Brink - Changed to pistols default and then Revolver/marksman as pickups. DUP-Checkmate - Changed the cars to the Tornado Rod to make it feel 'pocalypsy. And i made a new Last Men Standing II Deathmatch: http://rsg.ms/6acb74d