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  1. This is a rough guess. But i'm like 60% sure these two mountain ranges are the same but from completely different angles. Top shot is that Mystery Desert, and by the looks of it, the foggy shot is likely the Marsh, unless you think that's wrong? So the Desert could be on the opposite side of the water/lake looking North... So then, that mean's there has to be a mountain on the map between them. And geologically, from those angles, this is the best match i could find. What d'ya think? Preferably i'd like more evidence, but you work with what you got right? Unless someone can find this Mountain Range in other shots, that would be great!
  2. I'm assuming that is isn't a ranch, it's more of a town's livestock cattle stable in Valentine. Some of the town's value is in it's livestock... Reminds me of a TV series i've watched, can't remember the name, but it was on Netflix. Fitty, mind if i integrate your town maps on my map, in a similar way that i added Saint Denis? Full credit on it, of course. I was thinking of Overlaying the buildings in the same way i did Saint Denis, then having a line of your detailed map images along the bottom of the map as reference...? This for example: But with the building placement on the full map too.
  3. There's got to be a point to these progressive building mechanics. It can't just be for show, that would be a wasted opportunity. Maybe we'll see new shops open up as we progress, giving us more provisional options than we previously had, or side business opportunities, giving us a little extra money?
  4. My bad, the blue Circle was just the ranch part. The rest of the town goes off screen to the left.
  5. Yeah i just took some time to look at your 4k images. I discovered the same things that also link it to Valentine. Also, Someone has uploaded a RAW uncompressed version of the trailer in 4K. It's a 3GB file. I dont have a 4k display for my PC, so i can't use it. But that might clear up some of those smaller details...http://www.gamersyde.com/download_red_dead_redemption_2_gameplay_introduction_4k_shq_-42608_en.html
  6. Could this still be a part of Valentine, but in the outskirts? It doesnt look like a Lucky Cabin sort of location. And it could be to the South East side of Valentine, closer to the railway... Could it be what the grey path on your Map leads to Fitty?
  7. My name's all over my map. It says DuPz0r in the Corner, and a massive DUPZ0R across the entire map at 5% transparency, i always watermark these days. Good job on the town maps Fitty. I'm in agreement that the location probably isn't Downes Ranch. Wait are you saying that shot with the track is the same place? Nice.
  8. Yeah i see what you're saying... Hmm. Where ever it is it has to be somewhere between that large snowy mountain and the heartlands. So it could be a number of locations. Lone Mule Steed seems a bit far off.
  9. I Think i maybe i found Downes Ranch? So my placement on the panorama was off by a fair bit.
  10. After further analysis i feel like i miss-placed a few locations. I created this panorama of the Heartlands, and it's helped put things into perspective. I feel Emerald Ranch is behind the hill in he East, and the settlement we can see is Aberdeen Pig Farm. I also think Cornwell Kerosene & Tar is behind Arthur in that middle shot because it's fairly close to the oil fields, which i think makes sense. And then I've plotted other nearby locations i think reside in their general locations. Let me know if you think I'm wrong. This is progressive, and it might lead to better results.
  11. Yeah i'd laugh too. But we did the same thing with GTA V until we finally got some map details just before launch, and that turned out pretty accurate. I still think we would have been pretty accurate with our own map if the leaked one didnt exist. It's just aided us along the way this time. I wont lie, the minimap in the gameplay trailer has been a massive help in determining the placement of towns and landmarks on my map. Even if we do have a leak to match it up with.
  12. Latest Update. Added a couple more locations and adjusted some of the rocky landmarks to reflect the results of analysis.
  13. And we all know how R* dont reuse assets like that. This isnt Just Cause. You got me curious, so i decided to go and analyse the rocks a bit, and I've finally got my bearings straight.
  14. yeah i think they made them slightly bigger even. They seem to dominate the landscape in the new shot, whereas they seemed smaller when it was all dry and dusty. Might just be the camera and lens width but it sure looks different.
  15. I agree it does look like Great Plains/Broken Tree area, and it's more than likely right. But now i see the background landmarks it's thrown me off in terms of orientation. I felt as if those two iconic heartland rocks were facing West to East. Now it looks more like South to North based on this image... That's why i started doubting my initial guess at West Elizebeth, and started thinking it was more to the west. So Fitty, you think it's showing Little Creek from the West facing East with Hanging Dog Ranch behind the tree's on left? That's definitely a plausable concept.
  16. Decided to go back and look at old trailers, now that i have a better understanding of the geography. I remember thinking is this Little Creek or Mossy Flats. Now that i feel we've seen these places, i don't think it's either. I think we're looking at the creek leading to Strawberry in Big Valley. Thoughts? I made this sign a little more legible. So I've been putting this together, anyone want a shot at guessing where about it is on the map? Click link for larger version. https://i.imgur.com/g95pTVm.jpg I did see people saying it was broken tree on Twitter. But the positions of the background geography has thrown me off.
  17. I was thinking the same thing with regards to the desert situation. We did see in one of the early trailers with the gang riding across the heartlands, it was a much browner landscape compared to what we see in this gameplay trailer. What if some areas become drought like as the story progresses or vise versa. Either that or the island with the Spanish/south American locations is all desert, and could be much bigger than it looks.
  18. So we finally have a location in the Scarlett Meadows region! And Van Horn Trading Post Also, Viceman you was right, that is Annesburg. Updated the map to reflect all the new finds.
  19. Yeah i agree, South of the heartlands is only place that makes sense geographically. Unless it's on the little island we know nothing about...
  20. Well You could have a look at some stuff and i'll leave you to it if you want? I'm done for today. How about that big steaming/smokey village that looks like an industrial area? Could be on the east side of the map, but i havent looked into details yet.
  21. This is the best match i can find for the Rail bridge and waterfall. Brandywine Drop is very similar but the rail bridge doesn't match up as well. I did think it was that at first and the big mountain in the background could have been the Loft... My aim now is to create a visualisation of each landmark and location, so it's easier to understand where all the stuff in the trailers and screenshots are.
  22. I think this might actually be Little Creek! The topography looks accurate, and the landkmarks match up. Even the orange dirt path can be seen just below he arrow on the left. Not only that, the minimap shows where North is, and it's exactly right! This is the clearest shot i could get of the building, and it looks to me like a ranch for sure.
  23. Yeah i did give up. Saw this new trailer and decided it was a more of a "match the screencap to the leaked map" job from here on out. But i already started a clean leaked map remake, so i may as well continue using it. So Saint Denis i'm certain is the official name for New Bordeaux, because of the way it was explained and the composition of the town map which was from this image. The rail lines also match up with the leaked map to the left of the town/city. And here is some facts which helps plot another location on the map. You see the sign on the church? says "Valentines Church" We've seen this town in many shots from previous trailers and screenshots too. And i'm sure i've pinpointed one of the waterfalls on the map named "Cumberland Fall".
  24. Updated my map for the first time in several months. Safe to assume we agree the leaked map was real?.