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  1. Well, i replaced it. It works. But i'm still getting strange broadband speed results each time i test it. So i've done all i can in my house, so i know if i call out a phone engineer i wont be charged because it isn't in my house that's the problem. I am getting a slightly better speeds, but maybe that's due to new cleaner wiring. But it keeps fluctuating from 0.5mbs to 40mbs every time i test it.
  2. My internet didnt let me play last night. Every time i turned on my ps4 the thing would just not load. Couldn't connect to PSN. Just bought a replacement phone wall socket, so i hopefully will be back by next crew night if i don't fuck it up. Hope you guys had a good evening.
  3. I'm having issues with my internet recently. My wall socket got damaged and i need to replace it. Until then i've been using the engineer socket behind the first panel. It works but it isn't fibre speed. Been getting 4mbs... lol I hope i don't drop out too often on crew night.
  4. I always hear "I'm blue i would beat off a guy, i would beat off a guy"... Just saying.
  5. Aha nice. I thought about making a wall job but didnt in the end. I'm glad i didn't, yours looks funny as hell. ?
  6. I finished my pool table fuck around job if you wanna list it tonight. I ended up calling it Carpool thanks to gtagrl http://rsg.ms/36d602d I also updated Roadrash I (remake renamed to 1 and deleted the old one) to use that new bike. http://rsg.ms/2acc46e I updated my joust job last week, made all the bikes Fagios and the fence is all chainlinked. http://rsg.ms/9b016b6
  7. I was the one who said Trump night if he wins. We could make is a Jock Cranley night if the subject is too raw for some... ? JFK sent me an image on snapchat.
  8. It's ok i added the bike as an option, so you can play that catagory if you wish, its a race. It plays better with cars obviously though, as that's how it was designed.
  9. Hmm. There's a long ass wallride at the start where the pinball shoots out. Maybe i can get it to work with bikes, i'll give it a go.
  10. Been working on this all week. Finished it just in time. DUP-Pinball 30 Player Stunt Race http://rsg.ms/9efeb96 Supercharged multiball mode! Race around the pinball table as fast as you can! Take alternative routes to see if you can get the edge over everyone else! PINBALL!!!
  11. That van's the main thing I've been looking forward to in this Halloween update lol. Looks like an 80's drug smuggler. I heard that the Tornado Rod was out today too.
  12. Did the Mystery Machine come out in the recent unlock?
  13. Nice snaps as usual. I'm really diggin Blockoland DiO, feels like a game show trial or something. You could make a full series of races from that. I still haven't gone through my clips for the last couple of weeks. I did however, remake Roadrash, and made a Joust 3.
  14. I've not played M3 in at least a week - to be honest, I haven't played any game all week.Turned it on to play GTAO crew night and noticed a patch. Hopefully that's a few bug patches, not that I've came across that many glitches myself yet.
  15. On the topic of that fake/leaked map. We haven't been able to pinpoint a place for the little stream in our own maps. There isn't enough to go on to connect it. Back to the realm of speculation, i looked at the leaked/fake map after reading your post Barry, and saw this little convenient part on the map in the top corner. If the map is as big scale as this then I'd be gobsmacked. I know it's far-fetched, and I don't even know if that's a path or a flowing stream on the map. But it sort of fits the shape we see in this image.
  16. Updated, change some placements, drew the mountains to make them clearer and easier to read. Not really much else to do other than draw a couple more minor rocks and mounds, since the trailer is the only thing we have to go on at this point. I'd also like to add that, where i started by trying to fit the screenshots into the leaked map - from the moment I started to make my on map, I decided to go purely on the Trailer, so what you see here^ is only what is in the trailer and not in any way manipulated by the knowledge of that leaked map.
  17. Yeah i thought it was in that area relative to the mountains. I wasnt 100% sure on that tree landmark though. So I've added those ranches into my map, added a couple more labels for weird shaped mounds. But i kind of feel like the mountains in that shot look deceiving, they might not actually be the ones we think they are. I also decided to rotate the map because I believe Olympus is North. The peaks are snowier that way which just screams north.
  18. Ah ok, thought that they were different but thought maybe you figured something out i missed.
  19. I made a little bit of progress with Mountain Positions as well as scene placement.
  20. Meh, I've been grinding through FTWD s02 second half, I think it's shit still.The actors are pretty shit too. Still have one more episode of that left. Hoping they all get killed off and a wave of new cast members come in, and writers. TWD season 7 was brutal as fuck. There's something about the acting i just like with TWD, it doesn't feel forced like FTWD's. I like Negan, and the gang, I hope the story shifts over to them and their own story in more detail, as Rick's time is over-due.
  21. I'll be there. Whilst everyone was either playing GTAO or Battlefield last week, i was at work doing overtime unfortunately. So i dont want to miss it this week.
  22. Nice spotting on the details there. I don't see the connection to the grizzly and the buffalo though. What is it you've lined in red on that hillside? I'm still unsure where the buffalo/train shot sits relative to everything else. Here's a panoramic shot I've been cleaning up.