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  1. Yeah haha, that was funny. Here's the beta/cut relics:
  2. I recently found a load of trinket models hidden in the game files unused in-game. Here's a video of most of them: I did accidentally put 1 or two in the video that are still actually in the game. So I decided to put together a gallery of all the beta or partially missing trinkets together with thier menu icons. https://imgur.com/a/jmCZHDa
  3. I tried to compile Guarma's satellite images, but soon realised that it wasn't going to be the whole Island. That was how it looked when it was finished. So in order for it to look complete, I had to do a bit of artistic liberty, and remastered the areas that looked incomplete. Here's the outcome And I decided to tag the landmarks as I did with my original Guarma Mapping project. Click images for larger view
  4. Full map with Guarma's exact position. Click for large version.
  5. And here's the entire map, including the non-solid mesh.
  6. After days of piecing together map images of RDR2, I can finally show the world this 6500x6500 pixel image of the entire map in satallite with the outskirt or outter map geography too. I didn't add the blurry non-solid map area since this took long enough to put together. And we only really want to see the solid parts anyway right? Click the image for large versions, download that image for highest resolution & quality. Enjoy!
  7. Finally I have a full image of the island & its sub-islands to share with you!
  8. Stitching this together was a pain in the ass. But I did the best I could with the lighting/volumetric/atmospheric conditions.
  9. You did a great job putting this together Fitty, feels like a travel pamphlet! 🍻🍪
  10. So I finally have an estimate meassurement for Guarma! Thanks to ivarblaauw & TreeFitty for consultation in this process! The black lines were the furthest edge of the map. But due to map glitching and disappearing in those areas, I had to find the next nearest spots with the maximum measurement. The Yellow & Red lines represent those spots. Using the co-ordinates we were able to determine the unit measurements & volume. Arthur's casual steps are approximately 1 unit, which equals to 1 foot.
  11. So one of my Exploring Beyond Subscribers contacted me with something cool this week, that I wanted to share with you guys. He found an Antique Brass Compass on the Grand Korrigan. This isn't the same as the Old Brass Compass found in the time travaller's homestead. And it seems as if it was meant to be used for crafting. I'll let the video do the talking... What do you think then? Is this something left over from deleted content? Could there have been more to that mission and they just forgot to remove it after cutting it down? I can't believe we're still finding new things in the game a whole year after tjhe game came out! Crazy lol
  12. Here's the beta map from the game files, Provided by _CP_: I cleaned it up a bit.