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  1. Want to make a secondary character as everybody else seems to but can't think of anything that isn't clich├ęd already. Maybe a Trevor-esque character.

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    2. ViceMan


      I read Dup's post where he said his character looked like Tony Montana and it made me want to do something like that, but again that's going on mafia style.

    3. DiO


      make ur father look mostly like your granfather, then crank your resemblance to your father. get no sleep and crank ur age. i did that to make an old lookin fuck. u get a double chin too. thats why my dude looks different than most http://prod.cloud.rockstargames.com/ugc/gta5photo/9212/c4X_kNtp5kS8VOPyF7ooAw/0_0.jpg

    4. Ku Zi Mu

      Ku Zi Mu

      I thought that was because of the glasses and bandana...

      Vice, if you want an awesome, unique character just be me. That one of a kind feeling will soon kick in.

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