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  1. I just really wanted the V to spell out Vice City. but after the watching the trailer, I am no longer bitching about that.
  2. the music is cool too. i wouldnt mind if that was the theme
  3. OCT stands for October its the sticker for when the license plates expire but in reality in California, a police cars' plates should not have that sticker cop cars plates dont expire
  4. It looks like we might be able to buy properties because there is a guy putting up a forclosure sign on his house. there is also hobos living under the bridge (: that'll be way fun.
  5. There is a Muscle Beach lol You probably get to work out like in San Andreas
  6. They seriously thought of everything that has to do with Southern California. Illegal mmigrants working at the groves, IN-N-OUT Burger, They even put the wind farms so it will probably include the desert cities. and its probably a hispanic protagonist. I'm sold. Hopefully they put a southern border to cross to Mexico. Im not trying to say they should make it like Red Dead, but it would feel even more west coast if they had a part of Mexico.
  7. I was about to say that if they did San Andreas that they would need an IN-N-OUT Burger parody. My wish has come true. Watch the trailer at 0:51 Its called Up-N-Atom haha Im pre-ordering for sure now!
  8. I want all kinds of off-road vehicles like sand rails and 4x4 trucks and Jeeps. Also I'd like to see a Yamaha Banshee and different dirtbikes. A lot more muscle cars too. And the ability too put bigger rims on the back. They should add drag races too. I also want to open the trunk of the car and see the sound system. I can park the car next to me and open th trunk so I can listen to music while I am unloading an AK47 on some peds.
  9. Detox

    E3 2011

    i hope rockstar makes gta5 for the vita at launch
  10. thanks for the good word massacre. sorry for the late reply, lost my password. and i never thought of expanding on the friends missions. I guess i just grew tired of them and never saw what great potential they can have. i am down for some good payback drunken shooting missions with friends. or what if the girlfriends find out you are cheating and they become violent and every now and then they will surpise you with a chainsaw or some awkward weapon and you have to evade them haha
  11. 1) i think it'd be really cool to have the loads of side missions that Read Dead has, like the stranger missions and the people on the side of the road. but in gta5 there would be people stealing cars and whatnot. or random gangs doing a drug deal and you could come in and shoot them up and steal all of their stuff but then they call back up. that'd be fun 2) also instead of buying clothes, it should be outfits like Read Dead, cause buying clothes in gta4 takes for fucking ever. 3) no friend or girlfriends. cause there is not much action in those missions. 4) i would really love it to be in Vice City, just so they could stick to the formula of gtaIII then came gtaVC. but if it was set in San Andreas that would also be great. they should make it a Mexican immigrant instead of CJ. there would be Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas but in addtion there would be border crossing and you could go to Baja California (or Baja San Andreas lol) and the city would be Tijeras for Tijuana or something we would start the story in Mexico and you want to cross the border to have a better life So you start doing jobs fot the Mexican cartels to get money and then you would finally cross to the US and you'd become a cholo in los santos. it would go on to the story of unlocking the rest of the islands until you become a boss in Las Venturas then you could get deported so you start with the cartels again that would make for really cool drug trafficking missions. Los Santos should be the Midnight Club Los Ageles map but with different street names and stuff they should make references to places and people from Red Dead. some characters and places from GTA5 should be related to Red Dead characters and places. thatd be kinda cool also someone said about making Vice City with a far off island that would be Cuba. that would be really cool too. 5) vice city stories gang wars to buy propery. i want to buy loads of properties 6) Manhunt-style stealth kills, with the plastic bags and shards of glass etc. 7) 4x4 vehicles, 4x4 races, sand rails, Drag Races. skateboards? bikes, and you could do tricks on them. someone said scuba gear and searching for treasure under water, thats badass. submarines 8) health like Red Dead. but then it kinda wouldn't be GTA style, so thats a maybe for me
  12. who has a twitter? is it any fun? lol

    1. ViceMan
    2. DuPz0r


      how can a micro-blog be fun? No it's boring.