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  1. OK, here are a few of mine: Was out for a drive on my bycicle . Showing of my new ride Some random tank madness! ASSSSS Searching for Bigfoot ^^ Showing of ma other ride And ma other one Dat view! Dat other view! O hey, ma ride! Again, dat view!
  2. It's "eyefind.info" lol but that's a pretty good catch you got there. It looks as if it was printed off, I can see the "search key" on it. This has been explained in a couple of the previews as the "Prep" stage of the heists. Everything is planned on this whiteboard before attempting the job. That certainly does look like a take on a google maps parody. Maybe it's a glimpse of how the map will look on long distance character switches also. Oh, I haven't read about that, but it would be pretty epic if character switching is going to look like that.
  3. It's "eyefind.info" lol but that's a pretty good catch you got there. It looks as if it was printed off, I can see the "search key" on it. Lol, now I remember again haha, long time since I played gta iv. Yeah, I saw it too, maybe that's also something you have to plan, an escape route, just like the people you hire and the car you're going to use.
  4. To the right of Micheal's head you can see a map or something, maybe to plan the escape route they´re going to use after the heist? Because it looks like there's a palm tree seen from top of it, and some roads to. Also on the same poster, to the left of Micheals's head this time, you can see the 'EyeWish' logo, maybe a parody on Google Maps? What do you think?
  5. Yeah, I was thinking that too, It looks a little bit like San Andreas.
  6. Everytime I read the GI GTA V Preview again, I'm falling in love with it again.
  7. I would like to see Tony from tbogt return. It's kinda possible, because in one of the cutscenes from the last mission, Louis said to Tony that he had to get out of LC. Maybe he does it and goes to LS.
  8. the pic of the submarine. you can see that its taken at the airport. you see the tower
  9. I Hope They Update The Dilletante, Cuz In GTA IV It Looked Very Awful, But It Was A Realy Nice Driving Car. I Think It's Returning Cuz In LA Almost Everyone Is Driving In A Prius. And It Also Would Be Nice If They Put In A Volkswagen Golf GTi Lookalike.
  10. what i would like to see with te cars: if you are driving in a car, and you go out of it, walk a block and return, your car is gone. it would be nice if you are abled to put your car at the map,steel another car, drive all the way to the airport, raturn to the spot where your car is, and your car would stil be there. , sorry for my crappy enlish, i am from holland
  11. i would like to see, if there are phones like in GTA IV, a smartphone. one like sants row the third =)
  12. GTA will be ruïned for me if there are no missions in it like "three leaf clover" and robbery's and that stuff. And they have to putt allot missions in itcause in GTA TBOGT the where only 30 -,- and that was way to empty. please respond