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  1. also happens with Tracey's Weeny too, anything you do, stays that way.
  2. For the jet take a taxi and activate the missionmission by the base, drive in, to the jet, only get stars as you exit the taxi Niko is in the second set of grandparents
  3. It saved a 9F for me in the space next to the tarp pile at the Vespucci one
  4. Use a cargobob to take the sub from Trevor's airfield, the plane is there, armor and weapons strewn about the place, kinda freaky swimming about it.
  5. Found a wrecked paddle steamer near the noose base iirc, south east corner, in a cove.
  6. Michael and Franklin each have a billion and a bit for me, Trevor doesn't though, I pulled out of a 300% increase too early
  7. Couple more from me. I love the new Bobcat. Woops. "You're spooning me next time" Not Mr Raspberry Jam. I got Michael a new car. Flying along in my cropduster. No longer flying along in my cropduster. Bollocks. So I ordered a Cab. I told him to hurry. Pressing hurry, and the ensuing catastrophe, somehow gained me a 1 star wanted level, which I quickly turned into a 5 star shootout.
  8. I feel largely obligated, having petrol running through my veins.
  9. Just switched to Trevor, chasing a car down the storm drains shouting "I'm sorry I showed you my....thingy!"
  10. I have taken quite a lot. It started so well, at the top of the mountain, climbed all the way up no problem. It ended slightly differently. I was showered with body panels, doors and such as the car hit the ground. Michael seems to have an affliction for destroying perfectly good 4x4's Trevor seems to have an affliction for destroying...well...everything. They see me rollin' Down chop. Bad dog. Po po also taking photos on his phone.
  11. Beautiful. The first mission was great, a brilliant way to start it, although it did "slightly" go against what was said by R* in an Interview, not too long ago about not forcing you into decisions, but apart from that, its brilliant, I did a few missions as the start protag, unlocked the second, then went exploring up the west coast.
  12. Xbox and no, I have a physical copy. What I did was the initial few missions then a fuck tonne of exploring. Its big and beautiful.
  13. Well, my pre-order was successful, I am installing it right now.
  14. I don't think the Brady games guide has all the cars etc, as I have annoyingly seen some leaked gameplay, and some car I saw in that, aren't in the guide I bought earlier.
  15. Wow. I thought the latest post, aka sentence, was tricky to read without becoming breathless, but the one 2 posts above that was even harder. Ah punctuation.
  16. Since when Pimp? They did say there is a chance some characters from IV (being also part of the HD era) will appear, but not the main ones, so no Niko, Roman etc.
  17. Anger issues Oscar, I imagine they will be like in SA, if they exist, in that you click the right analog stick, then adjust it from there. (If my memory serves me correctly)
  18. In the new lifeinvader website, we have discovered some names for the cars. Such as this one, the Cognoscenti Cabrio. The Bugatti Veyron Supersport type is called the Truffade Adder. Then there is a new one on us, which is also a Truffade, so its another Bugatti, based mainly on the Bugatti 57C Atlantique. ($1.7million supposedly in game) And this helicopter looks largely like the Maverick, but is called the Frogger? This also came from the Legendary Motorsport Lifeinvader page, and it suggests that the Koenigsegg type car, is called the Overflod. About Legendary Motorsport is the internet’s new premier destination for luxury brand auto shopping. Stylish and stunning Italian imports like the Pegassi Infernus, rare Swedish exotics like the Overflod - we’ve got it all.