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  1. We can lift trucks, its well documented. GTAO trailer shows one in the garage, as do several screens.
  2. Looks too chunky to be the Infernus, its the Gallardo/Aventador type. Also, in the cropduster over the Zancudo shot, there looks to be a classic car in the trees on the left, two tone, long bonnet etc, something like this maybe? In the screen above, with the horse thing, blue car bottom of the frame, unidentified as of yet, similar line for the trunk/back of seats to a Ferrari California..
  3. This is amazing to say, that the budget for GTA III was (I think) $10mil which is just proof of how spectacularly well Rockstar have done over the last 10 years.
  4. And is that not just across the street from some of Franklins screens? The For Rent building being on the mans right.
  5. You can now position the outdoor arena, stadium thing, just to the east of the Vinewood sign. Seen first in this shot, then now again in the new screens.
  6. Is that how much Vipers are worth over there in the states? As it is actually a Viper they based it on.
  7. He shoots a CCTV camera. They clearly, as we suspected, play a part in the game.
  8. I genuinely hope they fixed the shitty floaty handling of the Super Diamond/Drop Diamond.
  9. No because there was both the F620 and SuperGT in TBoGT and wasn't there a screenshot many moons ago from GTAV with the Super GT in? Edit: Hmm, no, maybe not. I hope it hasn't been replaced!
  10. Mother has just pre-ordered me the Strategy guide which will be a late birthday present, by CE will arrive by post, but I shall go to the midnight launch to pick up my fathers, as I will be entered into a competition to win a replica Bugstars outfit!
  11. It has indeed, noted in a few of the trailers too, Michaels car has the plate "KRYST4L" and in the artwork, Trevors car has "BETTY32"
  12. It was demolished, along with the rest of the houses, just keeping the garages intact..
  13. I seriously hope there is snowmobiles. Snow physics would be awesome too, trying to traverse a tricky mountain pass in a fully laden tourist bus in the snow sounds like a bucket load of fun.
  14. Words do not exist to describe how I feel right now.
  15. New Screens too on there, showing the submarine and what not!