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  1. If there wont be Sultan RS, you can just take the ordinary Sultan and take it to LS Customs...That is what i will do...!!!
  2. Cannot wait for trailer..cannot wait for cars to customize...for clothes to buy...cannot wait for the fuc**ng game to came out...
  3. Does anyone knows if i will get Unique Vehicles and Garage Property on GTA Online too or this is just for singleplayer (except Khamelion)? Im buynig CE!
  4. I would like to see monster truck like in SA! And something like romero in GTA 4! Mr. Tasty was also cool in GTA 4!! I hope that there will be some big ship like this from GTA 4! Also i cant wait to see how police predator will look GTA 4 it was pretty awesome I hope that there will be some cars like this..because i like to have fun with them...
  5. yes we have waited and we have to wait 22 more days and 13 hours aproximetly for the gta to came in the stores so we could buy it!!