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  1. i gotta be the only person in my town not playing pokemon go :rolleyes:...

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    2. ViceMan


      I've never actively played or watched Pokemon, it was one of those things that came about when I was in my early teenage years and I didn't even like it then. I don't understand how people in their twenties and thirties can still like it.

    3. Massacre


      Nostalgia. No adult actually likes the cartoons and whatnot, Pokemon Go is just a really good mobile game, in a sea of shitty ones. If you actually walk and encounter other people. I've been trying to do that, lately. It burns.


      Also, the real Pokemon games have always been solid rpgs. Nothing wrong with liking those.

    4. Darth Sexy

      Darth Sexy

      I've given it a go. Doubt I'll last long. Walking around the streets looking for Pokemon isn't my thing. It has given me the urge to do some competitive battling again on the proper games, though.