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    So I went exploring around Guarma, I've done it a few times now. But I always avoided the low poly zones, fearing I would fall through and kill my character, sending him back into the playable area. Now after exploring multiple times, I decided to leave no rock unturned and took the leap of faith. I soon realized that, after galloping around a large distance, that the entire low poly segment was solid ground. So I decided to go further, and see how far those low poly models go. To my surprise, Guarma is, in fact, an entirely handcrafted island, with shores, beaches, bays, and even painted on pathways! So my first thought was this must the entire Island cut from the leaked map? At which point I decided to walk the entire island. It took me several in-game days, since I lost my horse down the side of a cliff very early into my expedition, and had to walk it on foot. Interestingly I started to sum up the shape of the island, and the inner mountainous features, and it does in fact match that leaked map island! I noticed Cinco Torres was that small island to the south west of the island, but in the story, the fort had been placed into the bay. Exploring in that direction, I found an island offshore! This can't be a coincidence, it all fits into place, like missing puzzle pieces. So the big question at this point is, why did they cut the content? The map is clearly early development, but they crafted it, and even names added on the leaked map if different locations lead to pathways and square pixel patches which may represent buildings. The island is also big, they could have cut it down, so save memory, yet they left it there like some extremely large easter egg. It blew my mind! So I'm currently compiling the video, although it's very dull watching me walking around a huge empty island, I know that the mapper in you will appreciate it! I'll post that later, Discuss! The island in context: I never thought I'd be mapping Guarma! lmao...
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    My Voyage around the main map! Part 1:
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    I just figured out how to get into the glacial fractures safely, and explore them! I'm like the first man in the moon! 😂 Also, I'm talking about the deep abyss crevasses, not the shallow ones. There are paths and cavern-like structures down there. So I did a step-by-step guide, in case anyone else wants to check these out for themselves.
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    So I'm going to have a rough estimate, and say that I think the playable area of the game only equates to approximately 1/3 of the entire physical map that can be roamed on(out of bounds).
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    Lots of folks are playing RDO beta, Fallout 76, and others games altogether - but it's been a while since we jet packed around nightclubs! Save the date: Tuesday, December 11, GTAO crew night, for anyone that still has access to the game and wants to join us for a wee bit of shenanigans!
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    One of the places I tried to get through and failed. I couldn't get through the gate to the ladder (from the mission) either. And I did the exact same thing with the hole.
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    But Guarma isn't visible until you cross that line so it doesn't really matter. And none of the land/water close enough would be accessible just as it is now.
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    I think the main reason they didn't make a 'gulf' is purely because of Guarma, they obviously wanted to hide it under the map, and the only way to do that was to create a massive chunk of land. So that just ended up connecting what we think should be the US and Mexico territory. That would have made sense though. And I'm sure the other side of the Lannahechee is meant to represent the USA, not Mexico personally. Mexico doesn't actually start until you're level with Blackwater, based on how the terrain looks. I know Mexico isn't all desert, but the land on the south side of Lannahechee could be either or.
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    Put some pirates of the Caribbean music over it.
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    Neat.. I want to get a metal lathe and turn some steel..
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    dupz, you should add the guarna map to this map with all the stuff in between....
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    Or maybe something out of Arrival.... Whole scene looks cool with the block in the woods. Strange how the shadow takes away the textures but leaves the gloss/reflective/whatever overlay in tact.
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    Didn't realize you couldn't cheat in Guarma. Good to know. I remember you guys talking about whistling for horses in RDO on discord. I assume it's because they didn't want you getting a horse in such a small area in the story but they didn't plan on people getting there in RDO.
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    Nope, didn't need any horse items crossing the river. The stamina stimulants were mainly for speeding up the journey on the cheat horse. So, at 3:20 you can drop off the edge, die and respawn in Guarma, but you can't use any cheats there. So option 2 is if you want to ride around instead of walk everywhere once there. Strangely though, you can whistle your horse in RDO whilst in Guarma, just not in story mode.
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    New methods have been found, so my journey continues! One place that has really baffled me is Tempest Rim. It's a big chunk of the map within the world boundaries yet it's entirely unreachable from every angle. So my next expedition is focused on just that. Looking around that whole area and beyond. Next Stop, Guarma! The main event. Took me hours of exploration, and editing. Still ended up being 45 minutes long! I also made a montage of all the highest peaks I could get to, outside of the playable map.
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    here's a couple of battle vids... fighting a corruptor... fighting 3 different robots at once... here's my snap gallery (randomly ordered because imgur sucks at that lol), i'll share some of my faves tho... http://imgur.com/a/0eGyd
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    All I can say is that it looks brilliant! If I played any games and owned an iPhone, I'd be on the lookout for this!