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  1. SAVE THE DATE: 12/31/18 NEW YEARS EVE CREW NIGHT i am hosting a crew night on the eve of new years for those interested... we'll do our usual shenanigans amidst the flurries of the snow... so wear whatever, drive whatever, and BYOB ... i'm sure it'll be full of playlists and what-have-ya's as well ... FYI, we could also bounce around to different games depending on who all is participating in this night...
  2. no, but its still disappointing that it's exactly what i thought it would be lol... i miss GTAIV online :(
  3. this online BETA is toxic as fuck lol... it's GTAO public lobbies all over again ... i'm done until we get private lobbies, it sucks having to go to the stable to get your FREE arabian horse because someone always shoots your horse, and you can't afford the 5 gold bars to get it insured lol... like seriously, this game has miscro-transactions written all over it, unless you want to grind for hours on end... and right now, there's not a lot going on to make money... this a hard pass for me right now, i'd much rather play single player over this crap they call online...
  4. "as of right now" ... their main goal is to get you to buy those gold bars, so there's going to be incentive, especially if you can earn in them in the game... it's coming, lol... and that will be the beginning of the end for some of us... i'll be on the lookout for gold nugget exploits in the coming weeks lol... i see the lasso is online as well, and currently private lobbies are not available...
  5. i watched a video from IGN on character creating... it looked basic as fuck ... i feel like this is going to be a very boring game for a few months...
  6. i don't know of many in our crew who bought the ultimate edition... just jizzy and R2... did you get that one gifted to you, fitty? or did they only give you standard?
  7. CaPn bOnEs


    you know, i'm just gonna roll with my mistakes for now... my lack of stimpacks is a big concern, as the next big encounter i have will be devastating... but we'll see what happens... i do plan on starting a fresh character for the story since everyone you play with is at a different place, and reading terminals in a group is quite different, i tend to skim thru them lol...
  8. CaPn bOnEs


    reclamation day is finally upon us! i hope we can all enjoy ourselves out there. it's going to be a work in progress game, hell day 1 comes with a 50GB update according to the internet lol... which just tells me that they are going to certainly try to get this thing going, even if some aren't on board with the idea... don't forget to share snaps and experiences here too, they get lost on discord anyways, those chats move too fast... see you in the wastelend ...
  9. yea i figured this game would end like the 1st one did, but i never thought to actually keep a save from that lol... now i regret it... and now i'm playing hitman 2 and fallout 76, so who really cares anymore lol... i might replay the story at some point, but that's a ways off... i'm also hoping online adapts some of that extra stuff, like hunting for gear upgrades and stuff... things i passed on to finish the story lol...
  10. yea that was a fun mission... i was waiting all game to finally get to know sadie, then she let loose on that one lol i do feel like they could easily do single player DLC with her... the adventures of sadie adler, the peacekeeper... follow her during those years in between arthur and john... sounded like she was having a good time...
  11. i figured that we'd end the game playing as john... it was fun to watch him learn how to run a ranch, then build beecher's hope... as soon as i took over as john, i figured that it would set up up to shortly before the events of the first game... however, as cool as it will be to play as john, i really want to go back and do more exploring with arthur, so i might just start over... i rushed thru the story before the internet would spoil it, so i didn't do a lot of stuff like hunting and fishing, bounty hunting, crafting, etc... it would feel empty doing it as john... or maybe it won't i dunno lol... i liked arthur...
  12. sadie was definitely my favorite character, and mr pearson was my favorite at camp... it was nice to see they survived...
  13. my only contribution too ?...
  14. i read the slant review... it was a fair assessment... i'm sure the twitterverse is tearing them a new one (wouldn't know, staying away for a few days) but i guess people can't have an opinion in 2018 lol...