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  1. Is CoD Ghosts worth getting? I'm using pc.
  2. I use 'GLSL Shaders mod'. It makes the game good, but the only problem is that it gets very dark at night. Can't see a thing and the torches provide (orange?) light which is very dim. It's not possible to explore any cave because of the darkness. I have to turn the shaders off half the time just to see clearly. Is it possible to fix this?
  3. This game is going to be aWesome! Although Vaas was a much better and crazy villain than the guy in the poster.
  4. Rosh Fragger

    Sleeping Dogs

    How can people compare this with GTA 4 and say it's better? I honestly didn't like this game. GTA 4 has so much more to offer, plus it's more satisfying to hear Niko's taunts during a shootout than in SD. Even it's map is so small. This game is so unrealistic.
  5. I'm so much excited about this game. It's going to be a lot better than GTA 5. And it's for PC also!!
  6. The lack of stealth in this game. It would be really cool if R* took the idea from Ubisoft games and used those stealth mechanics. Why can't we evade the cops by hiding in the car like in 'Watch Dogs'?
  7. I'm back!

    1. Massacre


      The only thing I remember about this guy is that this is the second time he's claimed to be back, as though anyone knows who he is or noticed that he left.

    2. Brian


      Revolving door

    3. gtagrl


      I remember the signature, that's about it.

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  8. Will a PC release every happen...?

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      i don't get that argument... i move pretty damn good with a controller...

      plus, people are using phones and tablets more and more... the age of PC gaming is slowly reaching it's end...

    2. Massacre


      Fallout and Elder Scrolls are going to be pretty shit if PC gaming dies out. Most of my fun with them has come from mods.

      A simple armor mod can completely change how you play your character, and the right graphical mods make it feel like a completely different game.

      It's going to be a sad day when PC gaming is done.

    3. Rosh Fragger

      Rosh Fragger

      Console can't be compared to pc in any way. I mean "WASD + mouse" >>>>>>>>> 2 sticks and a FEW buttons. Console is good, but pc gaming won't come to an end ever. One can ALWAYS upgrade his pc and make it even better than a PS4.

      And that's the heck why I'm waiting for the pc release.

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  9. I'm gonna chop that rare bear's ass (or get my dick kicked in the excitement). It is always fun finding rare things, and if it is a vast area to search in, I'm in! So it's a Trevor's bear hunt then...!
  10. How many animals did you encounter sooo faaar?

    1. Qdeathstar


      Most of them end up under my wheels, but i did end up shooting a cugar in the face after i flipped my car on my up to mount chilliad

  11. So no one's talking about the newest feature in GTA eh? How many animals or birds did you guys encounter so far?
  12. This website was great, nice members, great staff! It provided good and true news about the game. I used to check the news after every 2 or 3 days. Thankyou so much R* for releasing a game beyond my imagination...!! Every aspect of it is like an orgasm <Excitement @ peak>
  13. "V Online video" = Excitement @ fucking peak xD

  14. I would definitely enjoy the level of strong sexual shit and violence!!!
  15. Yeah, vc's "good citizen bonus $50". IV had too much wantedness which wasn't funny.
  16. That's the realistic part man. I think cops should also be able to grab bikes from peds. I would definitely enjoy cops chasing me on Sanchez or NRG. And what if they could fly planes in V? Shit!!
  17. Hot headed Trevor's amazed face expression is pretty darn cool!!!
  18. Hot headed Trevor's amazed face expression was pretty darn cool!!!

  19. Then getting shot to death... Only if the protag isn't Trevor. I could really use a baseball bat in his case.