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  1. Not if they make it less brutal and more story-oriented. They know why Manhunt 2 was banned. The 3rd game could be good if they minimize the amount of realistic violence and stuff like that. Many new elements can be added in such a game. And R* can do it better than anyone! But I'm looking forward to Bully 2 more.
  2. It's not about posting something stupid, it's about knowing this website and features.
  3. Are there fat & lazy cops in this game like in GTA 4?
  4. Middle Earth: Shadow of Morder is also pretty cool. Or Advanced Warfare if you're a cod fan. Another game is the Evil within and I've read that it's really good.
  5. Will get it eventually then. Looking forward to Far Cry 4 for FPS and of course, GTA 5!
  6. So who has played Advanced Warfare? How is it? Worth getting or not?
  7. Am I the only PC gamer here?

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      Have you been raped? 'Cause you should. honky.

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      CFO Charles

      Are you stupid? Because you're replying to a month old status update.

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  8. Am I the only PC gamer here? Will have to watch others play like last year...
  9. GTA 5 coming later on pc.. so I can enjoy this and other games happily in the meantime.. Unlike next gen consolers?
  10. Most of you guys have already played the last gen version. I'm on pc, so it's gonna be a completely new experience for me The awesome detailed environment and everything from scratch
  11. This long awaited version is really worth the wait..
  12. I'm soo darn excited about the FIRST PERSON mode. Can't wait to get my hands on this game. Still months to wait for pc version... But 4k resolution on pc, sweeeeeeet! This game can be called Far Cry 5 now
  13. I'm soo darn excited about the FIRST PERSON mode of V. Still months to wait for pc version... But 4k resolution on pc, sweeeeeeet!
  14. Rosh Fragger

    Sleeping Dogs

    No, but Watch Dogs is no doubt better than Sleeping Dogs. And this DLC really is worth getting.!
  15. If they make Manhunt 3 with a bit more open environment (not open world) but not totally linear either, and with the graphics they used in GTA 5; then it could be a game worth getting..! Bully 2 would be cool! And R* should consider making RDR for next gen consoles and pc with improved stuff.
  16. Rosh Fragger

    Sleeping Dogs

    I'm thinking of getting Watch Dogs' DLC instead of this game.
  17. Rosh Fragger

    Sleeping Dogs

    This game now is really worth getting, but next gen upcoming games will be much more better.