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  1. Happy Bday! You know what? I can't wait either. Let's find a mod together shall we?
  2. Ohhh come on..!! No crappy 96....... I WANT 69 -.-

    1. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      it means he's a cancer, just like me... we're compatible!!

    2. Rosh Fragger
    3. Rayge


      Oooooooooooooh so when it's 69 days left it's your birthday! You should have just said so :D

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  3. Well, I do like his special ability and he is cool also, but still I don't like him. I didn't like CJ too so that's why. All 3 are great, except for Trevor because he has something extra, his craziness. This psychopath is my absolute favourite!
  4. How do you know? Have you played the game yet? After seeing the trailer of all, I loved the style of madness in Trevor, his expressions etc. He's the coolest and the craziest. Michael will be slower in running I think than other 2, and I didn't like Franklin, so Trevor it is then..! Note: If I'm wrong that Michael will be slow, then plz forgive me. I think Ive read it somewhere.
  5. 99? I would get more excited if it was 69, if you know what I mean...

    1. Crazee
    2. TheClip


      I think he means cause 69 days would be closer to release than 99. A rather funny comment.

    3. CaPn bOnEs

      CaPn bOnEs

      that's like thinking into the future man... totally far out...

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  6. I don't want to fall from buildings accidently again. Please add that swingset shit in V too xD
  7. Fucking Lola and inserting her lolipop in her...

  8. I'll love seeing my great customized car in flames Maybe they'll add something so we could again and again see our customized car in our garage or car saving area? If so, then cool!
  9. Im going to check out the cool stealth system. Killing people and then fooling cops and getting the heck away from the search area without them seeing you. It'll be a lot of fun. This game will feature the most immense rampages ever... and that's the coolest thing... The cool new combat system and other shit, simply WOW!
  10. Please add macaws and other interesting birds. And even more different kinds of birds in forests. Fire a bullet in air, and see them flying away all at once from trees. They'll provide great ambience.
  11. If they add water guns, then acid and chemical bottles would be another thing to spend money on.
  12. I would like to see: -Thieves at night in silent streets sometimes. -Drunk peds. -Couples kissing. -Some peds even suiciding (rarely)
  13. This sounds fun.. I'm really looking forward to this feature. I always thought IV would feature it but I was really disappointed after it's release... Edit: R*! Please add that Swingset shit in V too xD
  14. GTA 5 should have the following features: -RC side missions (like in ViceCity; sitting in Top Fun van) -More interactive animals and birds. -Water guns (and not only water for them, but acid and chemicals as well to use. Just to annoy people like firetruck in IV, or to use acid and hear them screaming with pain.) -The ability to take out the remote from pocket and use RC planes and helicopters anywhere not just in side missions like just for fun. (For example using RC helicopter and chopping people's necks and arms with blades and cops following and shooting it until it is destroyed. It would be really funny and amusing. Cops should NOT shoot the player but the helicopter. Also flying RC planes aroung town would be cool.) -Killing or seriously injuring someone by aiming and throwing a brick right in the face. -Locking the car doors from inside. I hate it when somehow cops arrest me from my hours of rampaging tank. -Calling cabs from mobile. -Taking a pic from iFruit and later, framing it in home. I would LOVE to see these features in V. Just can't wait for the release and to enjoy it immensely.
  15. Oh coool!!! I really hope they add waterguns and acid or chemicals to use in it. That'd be sooo interesting and something really really unique in GTA. Plzz add this R* !!!!
  16. Shooting Flying-rats in the face

  17. Alright then.. I guess I was wrong there. But don't you think horse was good for RDR only? I would use it if they add it no doubt. That post was just a random shitty thought xD
  18. These are Fantastic. Even 100 times better than some official pics.. Never saw such great pics of IV before!!