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  1. My car just says "Crispy" on the plate.
  2. Maybe it's just me being a little niglet, but I just can't get into GTA 5's multiplayer. Probably just my 2mb/s internet (bits, not bytes!)

    1. Bronson


      it's you just being a proud american.

    2. DuPz0r


      Cloud is down more often than not fr e lately.

  3. Apparently our gamestop doesn't have any more special editions available, and for some reason, amazon doesn't have it listed, so I guess I'm stuck with poor man's standard edition...
  4. I just hope that the AI is better than San Andreas in terms of flying. I mean, it is cool to walk through Los Santos with planes dropping left and right from hitting tall buildings, but it has killed me too many times in the past...or maybe that's just my shit luck lol
  5. I think that the impounding of cars (and the fact that we can purchase them now) will give most of us a much better sense of worth for our good cars in the game. I mean, we won't be quite as likely to bail out of our cars when approaching oncoming traffic, or a ledge that drops into water. I just hope that if I steal a really good car, I can have it impounded, but not every car that I steal since that would just be a clusterfuck of shit cars.
  6. I like how everyone was complaining about how IV's driving was so shitty and the cars handled like boats, but now they are backpedaling so hard now that they see that there are different driving mechanics. Rockstar said they were going to make the driving feel more like a racing game a long time ago. Why people act like they don't know that is beyond me.
  7. If I am driving down the road, and 'Dead Sea Monkeys' by Lemon Demon turns on, my boner may bust through my jeans.
  8. ridleyeater


    just took another look at the PS4 specs vs xbox1 specs(since I haven't seen them since a few months ago, and apparently the PS4 ones have been updated for some time now. It looks like MS is leaving the hardcore game focus as fast as they entered, so while MS is wiping casual gamers' sperm from their mouths, I will be purchasing the PS4, or sticking with PC gaming if worse goes to better. Microsoft may have bought my soul through 3 months of free Xbox LIVE, but they didn't buy my penis. I'm saving that for Sony. Not to mention how dead MS's exclusives are...
  9. I suppose it's not the gaming that is the problem, but the amount of time it takes to download them. Maybe getting a new router will help. I have friends with the exact same internet/cable plan, and they are getting around 5-10Mb/s dl. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to try...
  10. Special edition all the way for me. It seems like the best deal. Besides, I can deal without the 2 singleplayer vehicles, and if I want that electric one, I'll just shoot someone with the collector's edition out of their car. I don't much care for the physical accessories either. Also, isn't it kind of pointless to add a garage when we have the ability to buy property?
  11. Even though the PS4 may be more powerful, the games will run the same on both consoles. That's how the developers work. They make sure that all gamers will have the same experience. The only thing that the PS4 will really be able to do with the extra power is make more in depth exclusives. That, and make their console more expensive. One thing I don't like is how both systems have 8 threads. Gaming has barely scratched the surface of multi-threading, and as of right now, it isn't that spectacular of an advantage anyways. Does anyone else see this as a waste of time and money?
  12. The next generation is about to play out EXACTLY how this one did. Console fanboys will start spewing shit, and then everyone (except for the retarded ones) will find out that the games play exactly the same on both...and Nintendo will be stuck in the mud because of horrible planning, so their system will be worth nothing after about 2 years. If I were to be stuck with one of these 3 awful consoles, the Xbox would probably be the one for me, since MS has given me the better experience between them and Sony. I'm perfectly fine with all the Kinect bullshit, since it doesn't really harm anything, but the TV integration and all that sports nonsense that only meathead jocks care about is almost as wasteful as putting your money in a blender, and feeding it to your grandma calling it a cucumber smoothie. They could have just made the Xbox 360 with updated hardware, or in other words, don't fix what ain't broken. Also, what the fuck is up with the home button on the controller being on the top of the controller? It looks stupid, and it is so much less convenient than where it was placed before. My point is that the majority of the XB1's features are either pointless to add (even on a multimedia system), or can be performed faster and more efficiently on a PC.